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  1. Trump would talk about "peace through strength"
    (Not a trump fan, btw. Just posting the logical response)
  2. I'm a real hard core conservative on most issues, but I do have a libertarian streak in me. I'm not sure about his views most of the time, but the main issue I see with him is that if president, he would be nisei so divisive that another Republican (or even conservative) candidate wouldn't be elected for years. And the Republican Party is hated enough as it is by most people in the media, so if Trump is elected as their candidate (I don't say our candidate because I'm a conservative, not a Republican. They Republican Party doesn't act on what they say they'll do most of the the time.), the Republican Party doesn't win another national election for at least a decade, probably longer.

    Furthermore, Trump isn't being politically incorrect. He's being a (insert censored word of your choosing.). There's a difference between calling something as it is and legitimately being rude.

    So Trump is dangerous to the Republican Party, and more broadly and importantly, American conservatism as a whole, both politically and ideologically.

    TLDR- Trump=Bad for everyone.
  3. I'm not a big Trump fan but he is leaps and bounds better than the 2 leading democratic candidates. One is under criminal investigation by the FBI & justice department. The other is a self proclaimed socialist.
  4. The Republican Party is a straw man so that the American people can be duped into thinking they 'chose' socialism. Each successive republican candidate is even worse, but you need a truly horrible candidate to ensure the election of Clinton.
    Next year the rebublicans plan to run Hitler's corpse for president because making sure Hillary gets a second term is no easy task.
  5. Trump has the vote of all the evangelicals who have been convinced there is a "war on christmas" by the right wing pundits.

    Trump is unlike other politicians who would attack any supposed trampling of christian beliefs (like when they interfere with the rights of others), by calling it "defense of religion" (and then being conspicuously absent when any other religion was threatened). Trump tells them straight out he will ban muslims from entering the country and will put christmas on everything.

    These people who have been told for years that their christian nation is being taken away from them, love the fact that Trump doesn't even pretend to not be bigoted against other religions, races, and cultures.
  6. Well so much for politics, I thought it was gunna be a political thread. Not an anti-clown thread, so let's get political then.

    Cruz is least likely to win Iowa because he is anti subsidies on corn farmers. This allows Clown Trump to gain support. Trump is actually favored ahead of Clinton to win Iowa.

    This is in fact scary that America is close to having a fascists government.
  7. I would tend to disagree with the statement about Republican candidates being progressively worse. See, both political parties change over time and they oftentimes do got through phases, both ideologically and otherwise. Take Kennedy. He was a Democrat, but the Democratic Party was a lot different back then them they were now. I highly doubt that Kennedy would be a Democrat if he were running now. Kennedy was ideologically pro-free market, he was against communism, and he also believed in the whole "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," ideals. He even said the quote himself. Now, however, we have Bernie Sanders, an openly socialist, pro-welfare state, with a lot of support in the Democratic Party.

    And now we have the Republican Party. Richard Nixon resign from the Oval Office after Watergate, where some of his political supporters broke into Democratic offices and stole secrets. He claimed not to know about it, but he also ordered all references to it blocked out with a permanent ink market. Then the Republican Party gave us Reagan, who never had a major scandal, at least as far as I know, who brought us out of an economic crisis, ended the Cold War and did a lot to bring down the USSR without firing a single shot, and was an all-around good president.

    So I wouldn't say the Republican candidates are getting progressively worse. Both parties are going through changes that happen throughout their history.
  8. Also, @ Azzaro.

    You say we're choosing a fascist government. Who are we choosing that is fascist? I'm not that smart, so I couldn't draw exactly who it was. No disrespect meant, just wanna know.
  9. I'm not a trump supporter but this is what people that support him see:
    "America- we have no job opportunities"
    "But here is trump with his multiple casinos and businesses that provide jobs for people"
    "If one man can be so successful individually and he is showing us how he helps Americans with job opportunities, why wouldn't we trust him to run our country?"
    "Immigrants take our jobs!!"
    "Trump provides jobs and doesn't allow immigrants so there's no way we won't be employed"
    Once again, I'm not a Trump fan, I'm just making a statement.
  10. He's pretty much the republican Bernie Sanders. Everyone believes what the say more than they do themselves. It's 2016, you can't actually expect to know what a president's goals are before they get elected. It's all about hyping yourself up by any means nowadays and appealing to your audience to an extreme. "Ban Muslims!" "Free college!" "I'm a woman, vote for me!"

  11. Baiting much? Hmm. I didn't realize we "play" the "victim".

    Our global church is the victim. For Christ's glory. The last thing Christians (true believers whom by their works show their faith as described in James 2) want is for the global persecuted church to become an American reality. We would prefer our churches not be burned, our young women kidnapped and sold into sex slavery, and our children raped or beheaded.

    However, the continuation of persons complaining about Christians "playing the victims" only increases the chance of that reality.
  12. Less drama at least.
  13. Less everything except land mass
  14. Trump is smart. He appeals to the average 'down-on-their-luck' voter, he does this by taking advantage of their issues.
    For unemployment he blames the Mexicans.
    For crime rate he blames any ethnic minorities.
    For everything else he blames the Left wing and Muslims.
    This is a winning formula.
    To quote the big H:
    "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."

    Pretty sure that statement sums up Trump.

    I'm not an American. This is just an outsiders viewpoint.
  15. So Trump is a giant lie?
  16. "Evangelical" implies that one "evangelizes". What they evangelize is up to themselves. Problem is people don't know what they are.

    What they are doing is somehow putting their trust in world government politics instead of picking up their cross and following Christ, which is the core of evangelizing.

    Peddling political parties is not evangelical at all.. Unless they're evangelists for the GOP, which we know has a very small moral compass.

    P.s. Edit - i'm not "evangelical". I'm Baptist. We have written foundational beliefs based on biblical authority.

    And yes, there are some dope people out there who are baptist and claim to be evangelical.. But they have no clue what that means. Pollsters need to stop asking if people identify with that term.
  17. Essentially. Do you think Trump really blames Mexicans and Muslims?
    Do you think the big H really blamed the Jews?

    Of course not. It is scapegoating. It works in politics.
  18. Let me start off by saying that I think Trump is one of the worst candidates for President, and is severely under qualified to even think about running. With that being said, the fact that 6 of his businesses went bankrupt and that he turned it around and is now running strong. I have great respect for his business skills and his ability to turn one million dollars into hundreds of millions. He's still an idiot when it comes to politics though.
  19. In regards to the Mexicans and the Muslims, I think, like Adolph H, he is simply scapegoating them for political gain.

    Fact is, America loves illegals. If they were a burden to business, they wouldn't be hired. As for illegals that commit crimes, well..... Regular citizens do that too. I think that illegals who commit violent crimes need to be deported, and if businesses are hiring illegals, then go after e employers.

    As for Muslims, yes, in a very broad sense, they have a serious problem in their midst. This doesn't mean that all Muslims are bad. Just this week a terror plot in Milwaukee Wisconsin was foiled. A Muslim youth wanted to blow up a Masonic temple and kill at least 30 people so he could martyr him self and defend the Muslim faith. Do you know how the FBI caught him? He was turned in by..... Wait for it...... Other Muslims! Anyone who takes the issue of Muslim extremism and boils it down to a. Bumper sticker does gross injustice to the topic
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