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  1. Hey so this is a serious post here that I would really appreciate if the same people who make the terms of service could take this into consideration.
    If I am not allowed to use curse words or terms that are deemed offensive by others on this game, can you please make it against the Terms of Use to talk about politics in public channels as well? It’s annoying to hear people cry about whatever they are trying to argue and politics can be just as offensive as saying the F word or some other word that is worthy of a silence.

    I come to KaW to escape reality, it is a video game after all. I’m sure I am not the only player that gets annoyed by people who bring up political issues in World Chat. All that I ask is for people to be equally punished for conversing about ‘offensive’ subjects in public channels as a person would be punished for using a single ‘offensive’ word in a public channel. It only seems fair.
  2. Trump is evil
  3. Relax don’t be so tight ass about politics. Talking about politics help understand both sides
  4. Oh I don’t really care about the political chat. I’m enragedd that the fools can get away with saying something so offensive about another person’s country or leader at free will, but the very second someone uses a curse word they get punished for it. I’m assuming the basis of punishment for the use of curse words is due to the fact that some people consider them to be offensive. Well some people consider various political topics to be extremely offensive. Where do you draw the line or measure how offensive something can be before it gets silenced? Fair punishment for offensive language, whether it be deemed a ‘curse’ word or not, is only reasonable.
  5. You’re comparing two different things as if they were the same.

    Discussing politics is not the same as throwing insults about someone’s political view or the political leader/candidate they support.
  6. Using a curse word is not necessarily throwing an insult at someone or someone’s view yet it will get silenced. Same scenario, different contents.
  7. I would actually support the exact opposite in complete free speech through the entire app. I doubt the player base is very young, it might’ve been at one point but I don’t think so at this point. The Wild West of KaW would be a lot more fun. Honestly I think the presence of swearing would cause a lot more osw’s
  8. This could be fun 
  9. THIS
  10. Though I don't agree with OP, a political discussion nowadays is someone pretending to listen (if they are decent) waiting to add to the sound pollution. Also, everyone comes to 'correct' others with almost zero room for SELF-correction and lets not even start on the validity of news sources everyone uses.

  11. Freedom of speech violation.....

    Now lets talk politics...lol

  12. When political views are offensive too you like the f-bomb you need too evaluate your own and probably change them

    I bet you're a conservative 
  13. Kawpocalypse!
  14. My guess is he’s a leftist. They’re the ones who hate freedom and whose sole purpose is to control. When a leftist disagrees with something, their first and go to reaction is to restrict. They believe an opposing point of view isn’t valid and will seek to destroy that view through populism.

    Sound familiar Grave?
  15. No u
  16. Democratic Party are racists
  17. I’m just tired of hearing the liberal galactic media tryna tell me crazy stuff like climate change is real or all people deserve equal rights, come on it’s 2019 it’s time for sense.