plunder/crux spell rework...

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  1. So a few of us were talking in our clan chat about how they could make cruxs better and I just thought of this...

    If you close your game entirely the timer on ur plunder spell/crux will "pause" until you reopen the game. I look at it this way..the only full way you can really make "use" of a crux in a sense is to max xtal (p2p) cause otherwise you get what 2 unloads in on that 1-2h timer(f2p). Thoughts?
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    Only thing I can think of is people who have bots/scripts that can unload in 30 secs, that's a whole lot of use from one crux.
    and with more gold in the game comes higher ally prices and more strips on people who can't recover as well as people who can score 200 unloads off of each crux
  3. Either way they still could only unload up to 7x burning on 1 eb....f2p only 1-2 (during crux)
  4. You can't unload in 30 seconds no matter how much you click because kaw is played on the server side and it must refresh then communicate back to your device, you could move into the building next door to ata have the fastest internet available and still your waiting for the server

    Also I don't like this idea, I'll tell you why, those people who max crystal will also exploit this
  5. How can you exploit a game that's not being played. It's simple when the games not running ur plunder spells arnt either...
  6. By closing ur app u are shutting yourself off from the server...right? Idk I thought of it an thought it would be a good idea so I shared my thoughts with all of you forumers..also appreciate you guys. If people have ideas to share they should share them even if they think there not good ideas. The kawmunity could help make the game better too.
  7. It's a good idea by nature, just completely stopping the clock on cruxes seem a bit iffy, especially considering how many cruxes people are actually getting with these legends now, you've always got enough for when you go one trains, and tbh it's at the point where I'm perfectly fine using a crux chest (not golden crux) for an unload on nearly any high tier EB because of how many chests I actually have now
  8. Kaw don't stop when you close the app, that's what I'm trying to tell you, kaw is played on the server side not your phone

    If what you suggest was even possible how can you be sure you will even regen when the game is closed

    I suggest you open a crux chest when have 2 hours to play kaw, problem solved
  9. Kinda ruins the point of having a timer on Crux lol. Can't with this I just login unload on eb with 100% going and log off. Takes 1 min to unload so I can unload 120 times with this? 
  10. It's still simple just set them on different timers. Some run when ur not logged in like ur regen bars and some timers only run when ur actually on the game
  11. Yeah but you gotta wait u less ur constantly hopping clans you can only xtal 6x on an eb. The eb timer doesn't stop...
  12. The fix to this is TRAINS.  that was why trains were made
  13. Trains require 100% of ur time u can't work an do that. It just kinda stinks that f2p can only get a 1-2unload in on a crux without xtaling
  14. Terrible idea.

    Be happy with the FREE plunder bonus you do get or save up your FREE crystals you get from legends and log-ons for when you pop a chest.
  15. Which timers only run when you're logged in? There are some that start when you log in (e.g. daily deals), but I can't come up with any that only run when you're logged in.

    Also, what does logged in mean? App not open? App not running in background? App has been in background long enough that it reopens to the homepage? I don't close my apps from background as soon as I exit because I'm super lazy, so "logged in" is important.

    For pc, only when you're in tab? Or do you have to log completely back in every time you want to hit instead of leaving it open?

    What if I like chatting in cc or forums while I wait to regen sometimes? Am I punished for doing what this game is best at, getting people to socialize?
  16. Edit: pauses UNLESS you are active in current EB and said EB has not ended yet
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    Why reward unload and log off?
    Reward ppl for being logged on instead.
    Dont need ideas that kill the social aspect of the game even more
  18. Look at it this way, you are using 24 crystals everyday, you pop some crux you run some trains your in crystal jail, you close kaw for 24hrs

    Next day you're out of crystal jail crux chests are still there, your train starts again and you do your best to unload 24 crystals before they run out

    This is what I meant by my original post, people who you are complaining about (xstal users) will exploit this just as your asking for, because you say you only get 2 unloads and they only get 24 because they're paying for crystals
  19. I get so much plunder