Plunder Change Reversal

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  1. ATA_Charlie,

    You locked the other main thread before I could quote and respond to your reversal decision.

    Well done. 

    Good job trying something new, but even better job listening to the Kawmmunity.

    Now about that new eb....
  2. Yes plunder dropped, why? Missed the whole thread.
  3. Charlie had a plan that would theoretically increase plunder for Smalls (on adequate EB's) and lower plunder for mids [if they're hitting the wrong eb]

    It was discovered this just lowered plunder on Scrag EB's. He got tons of flak, redid the change.

    More Sb's all around though :)
  4. No support
  5. I didn't understand why would drop our plunder .. I don't like this.. plz explain well
  6. So people put all this work, time, and money into their builds only for ATA to reduce their plunder.
    Idiot apes.
  7. Well seeing as the reduction wasn't intended that's a bit far. Also it was only mid sized accounts that should've been affected.

    I for one prefer the devs trying out new formulas in order to better the drop formula.
  8. Common guys that was just a experiment done by the devs..... it got unintended results and the devs responded... don't need to rage so much about it... So far ATA_Charlie is trying to improve kaw. We don't need to demoralize him. OR do you prefer devs ignoring us???
  9. Even if plunder is worse / better/ not changed ... It is the same for everyone in Kaw. So even if they reduced it by a mile for build complete players every build complete player would be at the same disadvantage
  10. The Kawmunity:"We Want Change!" "We want kaw to be balanced again!" "The gap is too large!"

    ATA_Charlie provides change of rebalancing the system along with detailed descriptions to provide insight and clarity to changes so that the gap is addressed and fairness brought back.

    Kawmunity: "Change it back!" "Change is bad!" "We never wanted this!"

    ATA_Charlie: "Sorry... Clearly we misread your complaints...
  11. if they would have given a prior notice the response would not have been so negative i reccon
  12. I agree that's exactly what happened
  13. +1
  14. Why would you think touching plunder would be well received ? Who the hell is ata hiring these days?
  15. What an accurate representation!

    When we said rebalancing, this is exactly what we had in mind. We wanted a plunder drop. We wanted the mid sized builds to be effected even more. We wanted clan loyalty to decrease even more by dropping plunder to show we were hitting too small of an eb. We wanted to push everyone into LOTL and ASoF clans meanwhile the rest of the clans suffered. We wanted to reduce the gap in precisely this way.

    What we didn't want was to change the event drops to stop the unfair half an unload, max drops. What we didn't want was for events to be balanced properly. What we didn't want is for spy builds to be at a significant advantage in events for no reason.

    Thank you devs, for providing the rebalancing that was asked for by the dropping of plunder and event drops to hurt majority of KaW.

    Seriously, not even close to the rebalancing that's been asked for. I'm glad the devs are trying to change things in KaW. It is a really positive sign. However I think this demonstrates (yet again) another lack of planning on the devs part. Explaining it to us first would have been a better way to go about it. A plunder drop out of the blue was never going to be received well. Especially as it wasn't the type of re balancing that was expected. Hopefully the next change is communicated to us first so we can give feedback. Despite the negative comments, it was still a step in the right direction because they are trying to do something.
  16. I 100% don't disagree with you ruggy.

    It wasn't the right balancing and there are better ways it could be completed. The vocalness from the devs is great step in the right direction but I think we have to remember that Charlie is new to ATA. He is properly integrating to the community unlike other members of their team and we need to make sure we don't scare him away with our words.

    Personally, I would have liked the new balancing to have been kept for this chapter of the event. See over a long period of time the effects of the changes rather than the 4(?) hours we did have.

    In future a dialogue of future changes should be discussed but not necessarily with the whole community. A panel of experts from all walks of the game should be consulted. Leads of EE, OSW and EB clans should be a part of the panel and allow discussions to take place between devs, clan leaders and their clans.

    That consultation will allow proper conversation about the future of the game and avoid any mistakes in the future.
  17. Agreed.
  18. What ATA_Charlie did was increase the stats of the first few levels of osmon rai to balance with the higher levels. As a result cs of many peoples increased.. So they decreased plunder 10-15% ( on scrag ebs).. i don't think this called for such negetive reactions..and it should have kept for a day or two to see how it works..4 hours is a very short time..
  19. Regardless of plunder drop/redistribution of wealth,blah blah blah..etc.etc., how in the hell is people less than half my cs or time on kaw above me in our clan roster now?? What gives with that?

    I know,just to be fair to everybody,let's just make our clan rosters alphabetical now. At least I'm used to being near the back of the pack in that fashion!?!?

  20. Support a good point people just like to complain and blame the Devs.