Plunder change is needed

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  1. I do like the idea of winning a spyglass or a building token, perhaps for every 25 wars someone wins it could drop one of the following: 1 spyglass, 1 building token, 1 Seal of the Damned, 1 1000% PvP plunder for 24 hours, 6 Health Crystal. I think rewards for this would promote war activity, and more desire to win.
  2. this thread isent about what can the devs do so that we get more rewards . it is about what the devs can do to make wars fair again. I personaly dont care about more rewards I love war , not because of the rewards , but because of the experiance , and I believe 99% of the people on this thread agree with me . we dont want more rewards we want fair wars again , not who can build the best exploit war roster and dominate the prestige LB. the problem isent that we need more insentives to war , the community has lost 50-60% of its EE war community. start by bring the warriors who have built there accounts around EE and osw , get them back by making fair matches that cant be exploited ..
  3. You war because you enjoy it I hope not just for rewards you get mith a eb and osw warrior dont get that dont get how you are trying to get more rewards to go with the mith.
  4. Game has gone down the toilet as you put it because us as players look for flaws in a system thats not the devs fault.
  5. 100% SUPPORT!

    And I agree with Bosssplaya. I don't EE for the rewards. I just want a fair match against a balanced, non-exploit roster for a fun war. Win or lose. But fair.
  6. Meh it's part of the game. Deal with it
  7. Who wars for fun? Lol
  8. Support. Also adding BFA (plunder only) back would help balance the disparity between atk and spy build in primals. As it stands PS make way more off a steal than atk builds do on an atk.
  9. Bottom line-fixing wars costs more money to ata and they cant fix it if they dont know how. They dont make much money on wars. Events -easy money for less work also makes ee eq less attractive and need for ee die out. Just do the sums on the lb for each event they definitely wouldnt get that in two or three weeks of ee
  10. Support OP would fix primal wars

    The fact that devs have not moved on this after having it brought up about 50 times already , really boggles the mind
  11. Agreed.

    Say that to some people around here though and you're considered a whining child.
  12. The devs could give two "insert word" about the state of ee. They run a business and as long as promos are keeping them in the green why should they care. They only understand two things one being black out and the other boy cott. The first mistake we made as a community was to ever think that they cared about the state of the game. You have to be an idiot to not realize that the only equipment that has been better than its counter promo is the summer plates and we won that what 4 years ago. I for one am easily one of solid people in kaw that has warred every season win or lose easily recognizable and I look at kaw and have no one that I used to call friends or great enemies. So last straw for me either they fix it or im on some "insert word" im chucking my deuces up in moving onto something better! Last chance devs
  13. Agee aku. Had so many people leaving recently. Half of lb left kaw. And the way things are going I really don't wanna spend any money on kaw. Don't wanna waste anymore of my hard earned money. I'm really disappointed by kaw community's comment on page 3 or 4 of this thread. How casually he just said it's not happening. Meaning they know what's wrong but they give a damn about that. I think boycott is the only fair thing. Kaw is going the same route haw has taken couple years back. Devs don't care as long as they making money.
  14. I'm down for war boycott if the community got behind it
  15. No support.
    Let me play little
  16. Boss you are missing the point plunder doesn't give you a fairer match up it's only a small part of the equation that needs to be fixed but as Cantonese canonball stated it's to expensive for the devs to fix. If they change plunder it's rewriting as it opens exploits in general play that were closed by changing it to make pots effect plunder. Only way to ensure fair match ups is to have divisions - devs say it's due to lack of participation lol we know this is bull it's due to them not fixing it and driving people away. My solution was aimed at them more a tongue in cheek to show that all their arguments can be fixed. But we know it won't be changed I have complained during the summer wars about pots but it's there for day to day play.
  17. We suggested divisions like four scores and seven years ago. Round wars are dead Primal wars are pretty much dying Individual wars are at least ok to a certain extent. Just bring back the damn 48 hour summer wars format or 24 hour wars again who requested to change the format to this garbage is beyond me. Don't mistake it even season 4 there was only two clans really winning and it's just not a great experience. The amount of changes we had to make just to be competitive is the reason I for one am not on LB anymore and enough is enough.
  18. Like I said a proud war(primal/round) matches r based on cs only. Bfa n bfe is in effect. U may come accross a stacked lb clan but how many stacked lb clans have u warred against that is nothin but lb, none, coz they use sh. Going on cs alone stats u should not war a 3-5lb rest sh clan, your mids bring clan total cs up n sh brings cs down. Possible u may get a more fair match coz when I war most warriors only have 1-4 allies n most of the time there crappy allies. I'm sure someone will figure put an exploit, they always do, then u just move on to the next fix
  19. We have said enough with numerous threads.

    @dev.. please wake up your idea.