Plunder change is needed

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Atropos-, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. My apologies n ty 
  2. The developers are already aware of all current war concerns. In time they will hopefully make changes to benefit the war community overall.

    Gotta be patient and see what happens! Feedback is all always welcomed - devs always watching
  3. Good idea. I approve.
    kaw_admin | 3368 posts
    Sat Apr 4, 2015 12:21 am

    Love the passion, but nothing like this can happen anytime soon. One day, maybe.
  4. Then i strongly suggest people stop warring
  5. Fully supported️
  6. I agree 100% atro
  8. Support - better for all ! Well those that war anyways
  9. Yea im done with primals . Maby when the system isnt broke. Your better off with indy its a 50/50 on a fair match atleast.
  10. Support make ee and pvp worth while
  11. Kaw_Admin

    Wars at present r shutting out ppl more than encouraging war clans. Other than Hansels there r very few opportunities for other build types.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Support!
  13. kaw_admin | 3368 posts
    Sat Apr 4, 2015 12:21 am

    Love the passion, but nothing like this can happen anytime soon. One day, maybe.[/quote]

    I am wondering why this can not happen anytime soon , it is no secret that the intrest for primal wars is decreasing. every war the same two clans are matched together , so please tell us why you cant improve the war system any time soon to better the experiance of the game. I agree that you need the pot calculation in indi wars . but take it out of primals , or increase the plunder attack builds make when attacking a ps1 . unless you are a suppourter of exploits and your community being upset make a change.
  14. Def pots make target harder to hit and why you get paid more. So with this in mind you hit someone stronger than you in cs you get paid more. You hit someone with less cs you get paid less. This mechanic would have to change in order for pot mechanic to change IMO. I like to see a proud(primal/round)war where cs only is what matches clans but bfa is still included. That'll stop all ur sh clans warring clans that have 0 sh, but I'm sure ppl would cry about warring against lb filled clans. That's just the luck of the draw. Win some lose some but u may get a better chance of a more even war because how many ppl u see with huge bfa nowadays. Most just have 1-5 allies.
  15. Support 
  16. But bfa and bfe makes harder to hit also bit u dont get paid more
  17. I support. And to respond to kaw admin maybe think of changing imbalanced rosters to even builds and create overall warring dynamics to all builds and oh ya after u try fix exploit try think ahead of curve to the next exploit and correct it before u lose more clans warring. Also introduce a real classic 2hr war 1-2xs a week and eliminate round wars kaw never matches. Maybe one day soon right kaw admin??
  18. I agree a change is needed primal wars have decrease alot if this will help with more clans participating in having a fair chance at winning am all for change toward that goal.

  19. 100% agree they need to take the pots out.Hansel have unfair advantage right know