Plunder bonus this weekend

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Turtle, May 2, 2019.

  1. Attention Mr. or Mrs. Only-dev-at-ATA-to-read-the-forums-if-even-one-does:

    After not receiving the annual plunder bonus on Easter that we have come to expect, yet another weekend passed without a plunder bonus. In the last month the only “events” we have had were a nob wall offer, involving us spending money, and a new premium eb that made you tens of thousands. I think it is only reasonable that we have a 100% plunder bonus (without xtal limit) this weekend.

    I suggest this not really because I want the gold, though I’ll take it, but to keep the players happy. You really can’t afford to anger the players and cause anyone to quit with how quickly player numbers are dropping. The fix for a dying game is not to make players even less happy than the year before.
  2. It’s disappointing to me that players have come to expect 50% plunder bonuses because it’s been weeks since they have gotten one. You know not everyone is catholic right? Like a vast majority of the world doesn’t celebrate Easter. So expecting a bonus for a holiday that is such a small portion of the world is kinda crazy. Just my two cents.
  3. How the heck you can think being catholic is in any way close to related to having a bonus the last 4 years on a specific date but not this year is beyond me.
  4. Is eating deviled eggs on Easter sacrilegious?
  5. The level of entitlement here is real
  6. Forget plunder bonus

    I still want ma fork tied to a stick equip back