Plunder at different stats

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by xX-_FIGHTER_-Xx, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Guild lvl4 def. out-plunders SoS lvl3. I've tested.
  2. My max plunder is 24 Million.
  3. Well, I've read many many places that disagrees with your assessment that lvl 4 guild will out earn SOS lvl 3. It's close, but I've seen a lot of ppl say that SOS comes out on top. I know when I converted, I made more.
  4. My gh alt makes more on first hit Haunt and it's half my size. I have 16 lvl3 CF, 10 lvl3 SoS, 1 lvl2 TG, and 1 lvl2 Vol.
  5. That's also not a hansel.
  6. I realize that my main's not a hansel, but if SoS truly makes more than Guild, everything else on that list should too.
  7. SOS makes less per attack yes, but the end plunder bonus tends to be bigger. So it's better in OVERALL plunder.
  8. 36m first hit 25m last hit; 8 towers and only 3 non lvl 3 t5 buildings.
  9. I wish I knew this before I popped up a bunch of buildings on my lowlands......
  10. This post is from 2013, things have changed a lot since then.
  11. 1-2billion per hit 5 with crux with 37trillion in allies