Plunder at different stats

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  1. I've been wondering for a long time how much someone at, let's say, 5 million attack can make per hit on an EB, for example, the haunting.

    With around 35 guilds, I can make 23,000,000 mil ally bonus. I've been curious because obviously that doesen't match even close to people who buy 10 trillion in allies, on leaderboards.

    So I am just curious, how much do you make per hit w/ max troops, and what's your attack/spy attack stats?
  2. I'm the same as you little buddy
  3. Each building has its own plunder and allies bonus factor. T4s are better than SoSs and T5s are better than volaries. Lvl4 guilds, though, are better than T3s.

  4. Nice name ;)
  5. I know, but I don't know actually how MUCH! :(

    People always say I make the same as leaderboard players, it seems impossible, since they're all hitting the same EB's as me.

    And buying nobility & then buying gold would cost way to much just for 1 trillion..
  6. Buildings don't add an exact amount. Sometimes they even subtract from your plunder.

    It all has to do your entire build.
  7. Do volaries give more plunder than guilds
  8. I too want to know this^
  9. o_O 35 guilds?? there's only 25 lands total.. or so sayeth the noob
  10. ^ you have a whole 25 more lands when you finish buying the first 25 :)
  11. that should give me some sexy stats. i am told to only have 3 guilds for my desired build (full out attack, spies suck kinda build). is this correct?
  12. Yeah they do like SOS do
    Only reason people say they don't cos a level 1 SOS doesn't give as much plunder as a guild level 4 but any higher level SOS is better than guild in every single way
    And a level 1 vol is better than a level 4 guild
  13. ._. im on day 2 of KaW, do explain you abbreviations
  14. Ok, I have 8 CoE, 16 SOS, 1 Colony,and 22 volaries. Most of the volaries are only level 2 still. I make almost 31 mil first attack, with 28.45 mil ally plunder bonus. 2 lands aren't opened yet. First steal on CotD is 33 mil. A gh can usually make more on steals than I can, but I'll out earn them every time unless they had many more actions.
  15. That attack was on haunting just for reference. All in all, I make pretty close to what a hlbc attack build with spy defense towers do. Hlbc hansels make more than I do most of the time.
  16. Curiosity here: How would a lvl4 guild hold up against a lvl3 T4, since lvl4 guilds are better than SoSs as well?

  17. False. A lvl4 guild will out-plunder a lvl3 SoS any day.
  18. Wulf's buildings and land thread used to have a chart on it, but I think it's been removed. It was something like:

    T4 lvl3
    SOS lvl 3
    Guild lvl 4
    T4 lvl 2
    Guild lvl 3
    SoS lvl 2
    T4 lvl 1
    T3 lvl 3
    SoS lvl 1

    A few of those are probably off, but it should be close.
  19. Those leader board players are making similar amounts per hit.

    Buying nobility to turn into gold is a HUGE factor of staying on top of the leader board.

    And when Multi trillion gold allies sell, you get A LOT if gold profit in return.