Please improve Zoma EB

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  1. When Zoma EB has been realesed, many wanted to do it. The EB has been popular once. Long ago.

    After a while the compass drops became more rare and also fewer people wanted zoma.

    Later zoma dropped good for chasing event boxes, so the EB was usefull at the beginning of an event at least. But that got changed fast.

    Meanwhile we have b2b legends most of the time and zoma is a bad choice for an event EB except maybe for clans who normally do EB the size of haunting.

    The last zoma ads I have seen in WC have all been "call for help" ads, not ads from clans offering slots for zoma hunters.

    My suggestion:

    Add 10% to the gold payout, increase element drops by 50% and make it drop both event items, maybe 350 - 400 each. [And maybe remove those banner item drops.]

    This way the Zoma EB can be usefull in a goth/lotl rotation or at least it is not unwanted anymore. Maybe zoma would get at least a little bit more popular again.
  2. ZOMA is a unique non P2P eb.
    Why make it any easier to start?
    Its 1 more eb that any clan can run 24/7 if they so choose that can add to ppl's eb options.

    FYI get EE to increase the chances for all drops including compass. EE is not solely for plunder.
  3. Also as a non premium eb I don't think it should drop both parts. it drops a good amount as it is rn thought a slight plunder boost isn't a bad idea to keep it competitive with tier 12 ebs since we don't seem to be getting a new one any time soon
  4. If its to keep competitive with T12 eb's that only makes it harder on smaller builds to play. Why that would help idk. Everything is not about bigs like me that hurts other ppl. Keep it as is.
  5. Devs idea of a fix: Zoma:the escape. 50% more plunder, 60 circles to start. They just arent interested in free epics at all.
  6. Full support
  7. Or perhaps, since it is part of its own tier, ATA could work on the next eb in Marrox's tier. And have that drop the opposite own.
  8. Nice idea. A new EQ in the series be nice.
    Maybe the helm?
  9. I have a Compass still....
  10. I agree

    We have a single minotaur, where is his mother/father, surely there is another one somewhere

    Zoma teir 2,
    5 compass to open +10% hp, equipment bar that requires the trinket, +20% plunder and drops hooves that are used to purchase the next equipment slot maybe a shield
  11. It should drop like a premium eb...after all it starts from a "rare drop" item. Even if I had a compass at this point zoma wouldn't be worth my time to run. Improve it or end it
  12. Not many replies and some of them did not stay on topic. Fact is, Zoma EB has lost it‘s attraction. It needs to get improvement.
  13. Bring trinket  to 15lev....
    Ppl will chase again
  14. I agree with all parts. Its not a paid premium eb, but it is a premium and imo the horn doesn't even make the chase worth it. If it dropped both items, maybe 250-300 max, and had a slight increase on pay I think it would be much more worthy of doing and would make it seem like an actual premium eb
  15. The reason zoma was popular to begin with was the chase for the trinklet , once people realised the amount of horns required to max it it was no longer worth running/chasing anymore
  16. Ride of the Dullahan payd both in gold and in event drops like The Labyrinth of Zoma should.
  17. Support
  18. Dumbest thread i've read in a while. My clan enjoys doing zoma from time to time. Gold is quite good for a fairly easy eb. I dont get why we need to kiss your ass and change it, when there's nothing wrong with it
  19. I still enjoy zone, especially when a zone train runs. The only improvement I see would be to add another Zoma eb in the same tier whaler the septum was a required weapon to use on a single bar. Other than adding another eb, I say leave it.
  20. Still waiting for devs to make empowered zoma that costs 100 compasses to open.