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  1. I sit here waiting for my son. He’s 26 years old and and heartbroken and so am I. He lost his best friend today, and a kid I really liked. Zach shot himself in the kneecap with a nail gun several months ago. The Dr. prescribed 300 OxyContin pills to him. Yeah, 300. He died today. 24 years old. Very handsome young man. Could of had any girl he wanted. But... he drifted to the one that one that gave him sex and the drugs. We all went fishing together, hunted whitetail together and everything that was in season. Zach was a member of our family. His parents sent him to rehab several times. My son missed him and reached out to him frequently and was frustrated and upset because he couldn’t get through to him. I’m asking you all... please.... you are loved, someone cares deeply about you. I don’t care who you are, or how badly you think you have it... please reach out. Look through that fog and someone will take your hand. I live in a town of 1500 people. We have lost 3 young gentlemen in two weeks. I’m asking you.,, don’t bring this heartache to your friends and family. We love you.... it will get better.
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  3. I make my money in the health care system. When prescribing opiods for pain what doctors are really doing is prescribing an adiction. After three days of use usually a paitent is physically addicted. These opiods, left unchecked by the doctors slowly start dictating to the paitent it's use and consumption through the addiction. Eventually, usually within a month or two the prescription on the bottle means nothing to the paitent. When the prescription finally runs out there is absolutely nothing done then by the doctor to mediate and put an end to the addiction. The paitent then, to fulfill the craving and physical need of the addiction usually will look for alternative means to slack the addiction which usually ends in the use of heroin and fentinal. Personally, because thousands a year die from opiod addiction, I consider what these doctors do is nothing short of criminal manslaughter and something should be done!
    I pray for your loss and know I'm saddend and I feel sorrow for you. May our Father wrap his loving arms around you and comfort you.
  5. Sorry for your loss ... but I hear this over an over is a big problem not sure why doctors prescribe so many drugs unbelievable but I hope this problem gets addressed soon an I do some movement in the direction to get this under control maybe things will change soon....
  6. Thank you. It’s a tragedy and will hit many more families. Your response is so informative and hits home. I can’t do much to stop this problem, but wanted to reach out as much as I can. Please peeps... watch out for this because sooner or later it may affect your loved ones. Please get help if you need it, or a loved one needs it. Please.. before it’s to late
  7. Sorry for your loss mate
  8. This is a sad yet all to true story for many. The answers are complex to this issue and governments need to actually work together to find solutions. Big pharmacy has too much power and is paying our leaders to stay silent.
  9. I heard a saying:

    “Good doctors get people off drugs, not on them” (or something along them lines).
  10. My deepest condolences for you mate for what has happen, it sucks when things doesn’t turn out well and sadly at the end of the day this happens a lot :( so sorry once again.
  11. My deepest condolences... it is not a subject to take lightly and more people should be made aware. Thank you for sharing DE.

  12. Agreed. There are better ways to treat pain. But also Doctors do get a kick back for certain medications they prescribe. So it's both doctors and pharmacy companies. Both should be held accountable.
  13. If that's the case, isn't that extremely illegal?

    A doctor could simply be in it for money than saving lives. Which is also ethically and morally wrong.

    I highly doubt this is true. Any doctors confirm?
  14. From what I've heard, its less money-driven and more free lunches, free parties, that sort of thing
  15. My condolences and prayers to you, your son and the family suffering from such a loss.

    These stories are far to frequent lately. This epidemic was caused by several different things. Doctors over prescribing, pharmaceutical company's marketing opoids as a safe solution to treat pain, politician in the pockets of big pharmaceutical lobbyist, DEA and FDA failure to track drug sales properly.

    For example a town of 2900 in WV had two pharmacys that received 21 million painkillers from 2006-2016. Another WV small town of 930 received 9 million painkillers over 2 years time. That many painkillers shiped to a total of 3 pharmacy's should have been a huge "red flag" and resulted in a DEA/FDA investigation. Keep in mind that the population of West Virginia is approximately 1.8 million people.
  16. Its all about Pharma-industry-Lobby.
    When the health-system is driven by pure capitalistic parameters this is what happens.
    Im not a Communist dont get me wrong but at least some things should be reglemented.
    The absolute and pure capitalism is a true enemy of humanity and brings out the worst Part of some individuals.
    Sorry for you and your people.
  17. Sorry for your loss. This epidemic has many contributing factors. Greed, lack of staff, lack of care and compassion and so on. I dont speak just about opioids, many health issues are ignored or unable to get treatment/fixed due to no insurance or jackass docs who think giving a pill will solve everything for example a quick sinus surgery with a recovery time of 3-5 days but instead they keep dosing someone with steroids, antibiotics along with sinus rinses for 10 months. The steroids cause psychosis aka roid rage with other nasty side effects.

    There needs to be a huge change in the medical field
  18. I'll clarify what I wrote. When a drug company wishes to promote there drug(s) they go to the doctors with there FFA findings and what not, doctors are given "incentives" to help get there drug to the population. Weather its cash freeies paid outing to places(paid by there company (company tax write off)
    Or other things done to get the doctor(s) on board. Been a drug company practice for quite some time.