Please bring back the breaks between events

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  1. When the events were first introduced, the devs implemented breaks between the various events that would happen. I loved those breaks because it meant that I would be able to take a guilt-free break from the repetitive tapping of EB's and instead focus my efforts on PvP. After reading the emdless complaints in the Forums about how PvP is dead, except for the PvP weekends (which are in conflict with NK weekends), you can't do PvP without feeling guilty of neglecting the event. So I just wanted to come out here and ask the devs to re-establish the breaks between events and allow people a period of time to do PvP or join wars if they want.

    Please either support this or say why you don't want the breaks to be brought back, but for the love of God, don't comment saying "Devs are greedy and will do anything to get money" etc etc. We all know that, comment something we don't know :D
  2. Also, is anyone else excited about this year's ASW?
  3. ATA said they stopped the breaks due to low activity during those breaks. They could have come up with an idea to increase activity during that time but they don’t seem to be interested in that.
  4. Umm its not like you cant pvp during events
  5. Farm somebody
  6. Yeah. Your mom.
  7. Not so much a break, maybe a event within a event, like the PvP weekend, new events start almost the second old one ends, let's have say a two day break and have a war/PvP event where items can be gained for the new event..also PvP weekend is dead same BL all weekend same guys as last week hitting..larger rewards or PvP equipment like war, also have said this in the past, in war only opponents opted in can buy allies yet PvP guys can and do lose allies during the PvP weekend and it's a pain
  8. #devsaregreedyandwilldoanythingtogetmoney
  9. Support
  10. Need breaks or just put equipment in new ebs like they used to be.
  11. Plot twist: His/Her mom actually plays kaw, is LB, and is genuinely hyped for 2018 ASW since she's participated in previous years ASW and won a few.
  12. his mother is frog coming back as an undefeated asw champion
  13. Devs have been trying to tamp down pvp / osw for years now due to rage quits, devs really hate a LB rage quit bc..$$$. Non stop events have been the most successful ploy thus far by devs to this end.

    Event breaks ain’t gonna happen. Just gotta deal and work around them.
  14. Arizona aren't you an alt? Keep the events coming devs op must be harrassing a player an events makings it hard to lay the smack down.
  15. You can still do pvp just dont worry about the event
  16. OSW is the only thing keeping this game alive, not events. A few rage quits here and there are irrelevant to Devs. Devs have lost more people over this furniture and event crap than osw. If they would have kept the game the same, I’m sure a lot more of my old school osw friends would have stuck around. @Sinan
  17. No support for breaks, but happy to bring back the events that give better rewards if you opt into pvp as long as they fix the amount of items you lose when smaller ppl hit you
  18. Support. Need a week or two break.
  19. Just hit eachother I don't understand the problem
  20. Just dont do the event its not like they force you to do it