Players who Cried about Reset Allies

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Drop-of-Destruction, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. To all you little cry babies out there who lost gold from ally resets. What a bunch of losers! If you joined osw, get stripped, and have allies reset then don't cry about it.  just have your mommy change your poopy bottoms.
  2. Sniff sniff...dang i do need a diapee change 
  3. Drop you're a noob <3 <3
  4. The biggest noob in KAW lol
  5. :lol:
  6. I like that SS calls EVERYONE a noob and that it's not just me lol
  7. No more crying about reset allies, Kaw is coddling them babies
  8. Whiners gonna whine
  9. Does whining about whiners make you a whiner, too?
  10. I like that you don't know who SS is
  11. Oh I do. But for his right to keep alts secret, I won't call him the alts name. If he wants it on forums, he can say it on forums.

  12. Thx Deni <3 ily
  13. I like pizza
  14. [​IMG]