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  1. Lol, this game was never much to look at, even eight years ago. It was glitchy and had terrible war match ups. People cheat, promised changes took forever. But i could experience all of the above with my clanmates, the reason I stuck around. Devs need to make small clans feasible again.
  2. Good question. It’s difficult to say without a clear view of Kaw’s performance metrics. At this point though, I think the devs are offering us a stale wash and rinse product. What was the last major game play change (not mechanics) that was implemented on KaW? I can only come up with EBs.

    I think new players aren’t given much of an introduction when joining the game and have no real reason to stick around. There should be dedicated clans new players are placed in automatically after joining the game. They should be ran by ATA employees not volunteers. These employees would be responsible for teaching new players how the game works and help them grow.

    With allies valued in the quads now, new players should automatically start out being valued at 100 billion. Volleying new players is painful. It’s slow and seems to lack interest from the established player base. This is relevant to your question because without the proper funding, new players can’t invest in their growth at a fast enough pace to feel like they’ve accomplished something. Feel defeated an hour after you started a new game and you won’t stick around for long.

    I think we also have to consider what the devs have said about the game. When they started ATA, they set out to create a community based around a game and did an amazing job doing so. There are married couples who met on KaW. Hell, I know of a guy who drove from California to Kentucky to give a friend from KaW a computer because he needed it. That’s powerful stuff.

    I think as friends and enemies leave the game or go inactive it becomes easier for an active player to feel disconnected and left with a void. They lose their connection to the social aspect of the game that keeps us coming back. Eventually they login less and less, ultimately going inactive for good.

    What bothers me most is what seems like content from the devs to watch what they’ve built just dry up. They have a marketing department with titles like “Senior User Acquisition Manager” and “Performance Marketing Analyst” but I get the feeling this department isn’t focused on growing KaWs user base. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know because I don’t work there.

    But I do know they knew they had problems with FC and GaW and let them go. It would be a shame to see the same fate for KaW.

    So the question remains, what does ATA need to do to grow the player base and retain their community?
  3. Its in the name!kingdoms at war!no its not a war game anymore! The aspect of war disappeared and new players feel cheated by the very fact there is no war! A war rotation of a few system wars every day! No clan wars except for a few osw clans who mostly cant remember why they are fighting in the first place! Rewards for war are awful with zero support from devs or mods! Bad match ups in war will deter smalls from doing it the attitude of some who war deter new guys from doing it and the loss when you actually cast! We leave our clan mid eb and lose, gold and the chance of crestplates, we lose event items, we then war in a bad matchup and lose and get nothing...kingdoms at war no kingdoms that dont war! The war community needs to be better rewarded ! Better armour better everything! Make war better and kaw becomes better
  4. This.[very true. Devs need to start reading all this information and ideas]

  6. Completely vaild point, any player that finds kaw in an app store is expected a game focused almost solely on pvp, they Join, find its the opposite and stop playing .

    It took me years too find out pvp in kaw even existed still, and that was when pvp was big and trash talk all over wc.

    A simple potential fix would be too automatically take accounts into fourms on their first log in every day ,

    If i was auto transported too forums even once in my first 3 years on kaw i wouldn't have spent those 3 years just smacking b2b tfo's and not even hearing the term OSW until midway through the first orange pvp event .

  7. Learn too admit when you are wrong ... #gs.dkkqwp

    Over 10billion $ growth in revenue in each of the last two years

    Check 'clean road' in the google play store, released last month, 10million downloads

    And high quality? It has terrible graphics and is about driving a snow plow too clean a road.

    10+ million since last month

  8. I didnt read all the pages so sorry if this is covered but what we need is a way to encourage players to bring players in as well as rewarding those that actively help new players. Yes I'm one that helps ppl , i do it because i enjoy doing so but giving us a hard earned but meaningful reward for continued aid would propel us to push even harder. In doing so will increase our numbers. No way is completely unexploitable. The thaumdrake shards why not form another shard , awarded by devs / mods for our work?
  9. As you said, our developers don't communicate. They don't reciprocate our financial support with the player support that would make our beloved game worthwhile. KaW is dying.

    I do not support any movements that might lure members of an unsuspecting public into taking part in this disaster, no matter how much misery loves company. Nearly every example given of ways to keep new players around in response to your plea requires active developers focused on improvement which is a resource we don't seem to have anymore. Bringing in a crowd of inevitably disappointed people wouldn't serve a purpose outside of increasing an already overwhelming slew of overpriced, inactive allies. The game has lost its value.

    The die-hard players that remain stay for three reasons only...
    1. Loyalty to friends they've made in the game.
    2. Stubborn, misguided optimism that their purchases haven't been in vane because the Fairy KaW Mother may one day reignite the long dormant ambition that used to drive our developers.
    3. Recognition that the game is dying & long established leading players and clans are leaving... This may give hope to some that if they just hang in there longer than the others, they might finally reach a rank worthy of their years of grueling effort. Too bad there'll be no one left to pat them on the back.

    Bottom line is, no one really enjoys this game anymore. We are here because it's become a habit or a chore we dutifully perform. If you disagree with these statements, I envy your denial. Unless our developers really make some magic happen, then any drive portraying this game in such a positive light that it would actually convince a significant number of people to join would embody the term 'false advertising'.
  10. So much of this is true, especially the last part. KaW is a habit. I play because I've been playing for nearly 7 years. There is no real fun. Part of me hopes the game shuts down so that I can find a new game, with devs that care and WANT to make a good gaming experience.

    Full support to ANYTHING that could save this sad sack of crap though.
  11. Nailed it.