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  1. The layers of your idiocy never fail to amaze me. Family fun/cheap? Are you even talking about kaw anymore? Kaw is not monopoly musang... no one is playing kaw drinking lemonade on the back porch with little Billy and grandma.
  2. Yes ads would be a must other gamed compagnie do it devs did recently for pimid why not for kaw?
  3. Love how Winston avoids this thread. Lol
  4. I agree Jah. They advertised PIMD. Why not KaW?
  5. This!!! And yes we need a better tutorial for them, but we also need ads to bring them in
  6. This will only improve with help from ATA. They however, clearly care little for kaw and focus on their other games.
  7. >Implying an admin acc cares about whinge threads
  8. I honestly think ads wont do much at this point, the user interface is a decade outdated , no animations, just a painfully slow tap tap game, kaw as it is would not even pass as a new game in 2019 , would not come close too the game top charts and would maybe get a few 1000 downloads .

    Too update the UI, gameplay and game genre would most likely kill the current playerbase for the slight chance that a new and bigger one replaces it.

    Big big risk, tiny potential reward

    A few years ago the lack of effort made me upset, at this point i cant really blame the devs for just riding out the last big wave of kaw, only for past inaction when things started going downhill
  9. Seal of the damned killed this game. And that was back in 2013.

  10. Kaw still had a massive playerbase after that , id say it was in 2017, abyss lands, charms, the year of complete dev inaction on anything we wanted that wasnt already scheduled, heckfire being given the best kaw devs.
  11. No, market trends are to blame.

    Focusing solely on KaW as an application is silly.

    The app store craze began in 2008, the same year KaW appeared.

    KaW experienced a popularity spike that many applications experienced albeit, to a lesser extent (Angry birds, 4 pics 1 word, subway surfers, flappy bird) These titles experienced grand exposure and their creators became renowned and wealthy.

    Mentioning popular applications now in mainstream media is no longer prevalent other than social media apps of course.

    Which has taken the helm from mobile gaming to mobile browsing of social media... Funnily enough is also in a decline from its boom from X years ago.

    Long story short, mobile gaming overall is losing relevancy.

    Hence a decrease in player count.

    PC and console gaming however have almost always experienced popularity. I trust that's where former players have went... As this is where I have gone.
  12. I've seen lots of old accounts become active again. Kaw makes 3 mil a year so they won't walk away. If you keep stirring the pot, it changes the game entirely. Devs only change what is needed. Best advertising is word of mouth

  13. You're pretending that high quality mobile games dont still reach 10+m players in months . Kaw would never come close if released today, even if released 5 years ago,

    Base expectations for game quality are higher than what kaw can achieve at this point.
  14. Devs have stated before they arent putting any new money into this game. All their attention is on their newer games. They wont be making ads for this game. Their just draining this game for every dollar they can at this point. Sad but true
  15. You could self promo on social media.


    Maybe I'm not understanding you completely, but mobile gaming makes up over half of all gaming revenue. We’re talking a 140b dollar industry here.

    Plain and simple, the devs are dropping the ball.
  17. ^My response to you is, questioning the legitimacy of newzoo.

    I feel you typed into your search engine "mobile gaming is a billion dollar industry" and found the first article that supported your views.

    I could do the same with less trustworthy sources.

    I've also went through Google Scholar and haven't found articles relevant to this discussion, which sucks lmao


    Maybe but who knows?

    I don't know about this point.
  18. Kasama, your original claim was based on your experience and presented to us as fact. You said market trends are to blame. You offered nothing to back it up. It was only your hunch. So I’ll play devils advocate with you. I’m questioning your legitimacy on the matter.

    What makes your assessment better than theirs?

    Newzoo, as it relates to your question works with multi-billion and multi-million dollar industry leaders to conduct market research. Some of their clients include Microsoft, Disney, and Blizzard just to name a few. Do you do the same?

    The only thing they stand to gain is attracting new clients. Nothing more.

    It’s funny you’re interested in validity and mention Google Scholar. What does Google scholar have to do with independent market research? Are you looking for peer reviewed scientific research, market assessments or opinions? They are not the same.

    It’s true, I did conduct a google search. However my search was for “how big is mobile gaming compared to console gaming 2019” looking for market insights. I did this because earlier in the week, while listening to the news on the radio as I drove to work, a story covering this exact topic came up. So when I saw your assumption, based only in your personal experience, with nothing to back it up, it didn’t sound right.

    Here’s another assessment based on industry participants.

    In this study, they specifically site what the assessment is based on. They base their findings on company specific research conducted by companies like Capcom, and wouldn’t you know it, Newzoo.
  19. Mewtoo still sus. These businesses mentioned have applications in their respective app stores and have nothing more to gain? Sponsering a business to "create" charts to make mobile gaming more lucrative than it is. But I don't know that and maybe they are legitimate. But I'm very cynical.
    I'm looking for an article that can support my views as are you but normal google searches now aren't very trustworthy, nor are gaming journalist websites moreso due to gamergate.

    Ah the radio, an obsolete form of media and entertainment talking about a slightly newer form of entertainment. How conveinient.

    HEY IT'S NEWZOO AGAIN, still questioning validity.

    Also what's your view on this player decrease?

    I'm trying to read between the lines and you think lack of new mobile players is because...
  20. I might be able to help you a little bit by sharing to you my opinions on what can makes
    a new player stay on the game for very high chances,

    If you are serious about making an effort to keep new players, then you must make time, around fifteen minutes daily to check for messages every single day. As the days pass, the new players (especially if they are referred by you) will ask you questions over and over about how to get themselves familiarized with the game.

    That up there, will be halfpoint of the bridge new players walk between starting the game and deciding to stay in the game!

    I believe that what makes a player really enjoy the game, is less about gameplay and chasing for the top stats! Players like me, would eventually aim to get at least one best friend they know they can chat with for years! In other words, socializing with players daily and leaving them a positive impression is your best bet!

    I'm not talking about getting new players to stay in Kaw because they love Kaw. I'm talking about getting them to stay in this game because of you! That new players will remember you as a positive influence to the community that's why they would stay!

    Always remember at all times, whenever you meet a new player you must listen to their each and every word at all times. Try not to throw words of judgement the moment you see them join a clan you hate or something. Remain humble!

    That's the latter half of the bridge, and that takes the mental energy equivalent to a person willing to complete a 10,000 word thesis project or climbing a big hill!