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  1. As all of you know there is a shortage of new players, we all know kaw is dying. Old players are leaving and as a community we understand that kaw has it's flaws for being a decade old. What can we do to increase kaws new player in come. By a few things. Ads on websites like moble gaming websites, blog pages, YouTube ads and so much more. Unfortunately our devs dont talk to us anymore, which is quite sad but understandable to a degree. In the next few years of kaws life span their won't be many players besides big spenders. It'd be a faction game with few clans and few players. It would become a alt battle. So as a normal player who's been around since I was 14, let's try and get kaws numbers up.
    Thank you for reading
  2. I support as this was the first ideas we could come up with and YouTube being a major part of all adolescences YouTube would be a great advantage for the sprout of KaWs survival help the movement ✅
  3. With a movement pushing kaw to make ads it should help the community, I just hope it won't be for nothing and we get perm muted by devs for disagreeing with my our opinion
  4. dont think the devs know who you are, let alone to perm silence you :lol:
  5. You never know man the strangest reasons to get muted is quite frankly immeasurable
  6. I think a better way to keep new players playing would be a updated tuturial.

    For example a detailed guide to Building kingdoms. Importance of Max plunder from allies.

    Insight to how war works and the mechanics
  7. This, and I think beginner clans should have the option to allow auto-joining for new players. How this works is a clan that concentrates on beginner players can press a button so that new players automatically join them. Therefore, noobs benefit and so do clans trying to recruit nooblets.
  8. Kaw cant keep new players because the devs have only focused on keeping big spenders spending. Which if you look at the monthly revenue for kaw, has stopped working. Legends by design are there to keep you chasing and spending and people are sick of the copy and paste application they have become. Kaw is an old and outdated game that the devs have tried to modernize for years, and the modern gaming world had left it behind. Expect the decline of kaws new player base to continue with all the newer apps being designed, by new developers. With CS inflated to 10B+ who in their right mind would start a fresh kaw account today? Nobody would... most would play angry birds or candy crush instead.
  9. when i started playing it was kindve a thing that you would get into pvp or some sort of osw. id hire an ally when i was at like 1mil cs and have some noob raging on me and getting his clan to farm me. or id join a clan and stay there for a while and end up in some osw because of some dumb argument between people

    aint nobody got time to be farming people with legends. game aint the same cus. lots of spending and need for activity with no new or interesting content. i dont think if i started playing kaw today that i would stay.
  10. There needs to be a couple of years with no new lands, too. I mean Osmon Rai should only be being considered now.

    The sweat and tears and motivation that went into being HLBC just isn’t there anymore.
  11. I think announcing the new players for volleys is great, but I feel like it's a big turn off for people who have never played. Nothing sucks more than a game you just installed blasting your notifications for the first hour.
  12. Let new player follow me and I will be happy to help them stay on this game. I can show them multi front of this game how to play. I will also teach them how to enjoy the game.
  13. This game needs clans to relevant again. The vast mojority of us old timers are here because qe joined the right clan long ago to support and get us growing. Now there is literally nothing for a clan to do besides osw. No clan based ee, no clan based legends, players getting less plate drops by staying in there home clan... No incentive for clans to form to help new players.
  14. This.
  15. Oh wise one... please teach me the "multi front" of kaw
  16. Accurate statement.
  17. Completely agree, something needs to be addressed about clan loyalty. As for OP statement tho, a 3 year old account saying a 10 year old game is dying doesn't hold much weight. I've seen your exact post every 6 months for 8 years. Yes since before HL people have been claiming kas is dying. The fact is that NK weekends prolly pull more money than kaw did 5 years ago. As long as NK exists kaw will exist. And once NK stops paying well they will release a new premium. Like they replaced HTE with ZTA with NK another premium will take its place eventually.
  18. You can look up the revenue of kaw using the website The revenue kaw generated last month was no where near what it was 5 years ago. NK is not the savior for kaw that you think it is. The fact is a majority of the spenders left or no longer spend. The proof is in the numbers, and you cant argue the numbers posted by sensortower. ATA is making 5x more cash on PIMD, then on KAW. IF THAT ISNT A SIGN OF THE ENDTIMES WHAT IS?
  19. KAW players going down. It’s part of the game natural progression. Most players we lost in kaw not really lost them. Most of them moved to new game KOH. Still KAW will be here for many years more. Never listen to player like nahm. His CC maxed out trying to fight me and now can’t grow . I wish he spend more and grow a little so he pay more when I farm him. We need to help new players stay tho. I found this game not from ads but from a friend who play and introduce me on this game. Introduce friends online and rl on this game. This is the cheapest game to play online and close community. I think good for family fun game.