Player Appreciation Promo!

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  1. PROMO

    For a limited time, from now until Monday, January 18th, Pacific Time at noon, a special Player Appreciation promo has been added to The Oracle!

    Additionally, from January 15th until January 18th at noon PST, the following EBs will have 25% increased plunder:
    • The Netherking (will be available for the duration of the promo)
    • Hexavia the Ravenstorm
    • Zelgarad the Accursed
    • Haunting: The Escape
    • Revenge of the Warbeasts

    Player Appreciation Medal

    Receive a token of our appreciation, a KAW-preciation Medal, in your Reward Inbox..but only if you've logged in January 15th - Jan18th at noon PST (and have been 'preciating KAW with us anytime before today)!
    A KAW-preciation Medal

    Thanks for playing <3
  2. I feel a better way to ‘appreciate’ players would be to give all epic battles a plunder bonus so the free to play players can feel appreciated too!
  3. “Here’s a player appreciation promo that you only benefit from if you pay us money”
  4. I dont get it....hows this a player appreciation promo? You run promos all the time 😂😂😂unless the appreciation is you are giving us the ebs for free during this period? No? Then please explain how a 25% pay eb is a player appreciation.
  5. No free Nether king 🤣❗
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  6. A true player appreciation promo would be the 25% bonus plus the medals and giving each player one free seal and chine for each player that logs in for today. That would should true player appreciation not just for those of us that spend real money in game
  7. I agree we got a free seal and 100 xtals something like this happened last time about 3-4 years ago.
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  8. I guess it makes sense, they appreciate those that pay them money. Who cares about those free to play peasants am I right hahahaha
  9. Ok so what that medal is for?
  10. Lol announcement got me hyped for nothing. Oh well I could have known.
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  11. Appreciation
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  12. Exactly, they appreciate the paying customers. The free to play(ers) are basically the cost of doing business with the hopes of R.O.I. at some point in the future. (Its marketing/Ad spend)
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  13. Are they serious? I’m too dumbfounded to either laugh at it or get angry about it.
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  14. I don’t feel appreciated for the 10.5 years I’ve played. Thanks
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  15. 25% not even worth it
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  16. Player appreciation by giving us a poorly drawn charm that gives an insignificant stat and then a measly 25% bonus to EBs we have to pay for? Wow, that's weak.
  17. This is a farce, nothing else!
  18. Nothing beats the 11% we've got for the 11th anniversary of kaw;)
  19. absolutely
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  20. Imagine all the ppl with 100 alts getting all that free
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