Play Kingdoms of Heckfire for Exclusive KaW Rewards!

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  1. Yeah had the 2x copy and paste lame ass replies. 1 star given on 5 different devices for kaw and KoH. Should not take 5 days and counting to add rewards between 2 ATA linked accounts when my other 4 devices all with same settings got the rewards.
  2. I feel bad for all those that didn’t get rewards for downloading KoH. Especially as I got the rewards and didn’t even download KoH And I have add tracking OFF!!
  3. True. Couple of my accounts on other devices without KoH got the rewards. :lol:
  4. So about the whole ad tracking ID thing, you were using them to determine what KoH accounts were linked to what KaW accounts if I remember rightly. A lot of us didn't have ad tracking IDs enabled on our devices so does that mean we will not get our items in KaW? I made a KoH account on the same device before Friday, linked it to the same ATA ID and even gave it the same username and now I'm not going to receive the items in KaW because I didn't have an option enabled on my device that you didn't tell us about in the first place? (This may come across as a hate/angry comment but it's not like that) is there anyway for those who didn't have it enabled to still get their items? I haven't yet lol
  5. So like I didn’t get my rewards on KoH? So like what’s up?
  6. This the end of a response from a help ticket,
    “Hang tight and we will see what we can do.
    Turning it on now won't get you the items as
    we need to set that up on the back end with
    our developers. Thank you!”
    In reference to the add tracking. So toss up if anything will happen soon,

    including all the rewards that were re-sent out yesterday from Black Friday, and the problems that are embedded w/that. ie not being able to use the gold gems for spy defenses? And still no upgrading with aqua inferno or transmutation of items from several events ago.
  7. I can see it in your showcase. The goblin corpse, while the green throne can be found in your furnishings.
  8. Numerous tickets raised... same responses and yet still nothing??? Why close down tickets before completing what we ask for instead of having to raise the same questions time after time. If you kept it open and said you would look into it then we would not keep moaning after you close the ticket (once corrected)
  9. Rip off of gow
  10. Ata ur new game will die like the last one
  11. KoH is nothing like gaw :|