Play Kingdoms of Heckfire for Exclusive KaW Rewards!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by ATABruce, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. I haven't received anything yet, but i did logon into my Facebook account in KoHF
  2. I seem to have the goblin corpse but no throne?

    No idea if I have received the Heckfi re rewards. I have three dragons unlocked. Is one of those supposed to be the legendary? How would I check?
  3. Go to owned tab on thrones Lollykins. Your throne should be there, placed by super stealthy ninja devs.
  4. Ha lollykins:)

    Yep, the throne is there now. I'm sure it wasn't when I checked earlier!

    Thanks though!
  5. No problem Lollykins!

    - Lord Lollygags
  6. I did all that I was supposed to do and still nothing on both games. Downloaded before the 1st, opened the apple box, and linked my FB acct all on the same device and still nothing.
  7. Never received a chest. Game sucks anyway. One star reviews for both KAW and KOH to come.
  8. I have still not received my stat item or furniture piece?

    I have Heckfire linked on this very device I’m typing this from and have had it for 3 days now?

    What exactly is going on?

    All you said is it needs to be on same device... I’ve even linked same ata account to it!
  9. No worries skeletor, I was a beta tester for it and still don't have anything 
  10. For people on this page who haven't seen this:
  11. Hell No!
  12. Haven’t gotten the goblin corpse
  13. Havent received anything either. Should be pretty easy to indentify and distrubute rewards to your beta testers, we had use a ata id to sign up.
  14. Where in the instructions to download Heck was it mentioned to enable ad id’s? I downloaded it and I expect the mentioned rewards. Regardless of the ad state in my phone.
  15. Devs... please answer my ticket regarding the stat item and furniture piece.

    I have the ad tracking enabled yet still nothing.
    I messaged from same device I use for my kohf
  16. Never got my rewards as well.
  17. Their was never going to be anything awarded for this, this thread was created for character profiling.
  18. How does the % goblin corpse effect stats?
    5% is applied to what exactly?
  19. It’s applied to overall bud
  20. Thank you for the reward. Best ever.