Play Kingdoms of Heckfire for Exclusive KaW Rewards!

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  1. What if there's no iOS chest showing up in heck?
  2. Did you collect it already? They’ve been around for quite a while.
  3. I still can’t find it
  4. Still no rewards and I collected my iOS chest a while ago when it first came out.
  5. Not seen any in the store at all
  6. No android chest yet.
  7. Any chance of extending the deadline?
  8. Re collected iOS chest,
    Might have, which dragons are legendary?
    And alas no rewards here yet either
  9. No chest either.
  10. No heckfire rewards for my accounts on ipod touch 6g yet.
  11. It didn't tell me I got rewards, but I have them.  good times
  12. I did what was needed around 2 days ago and still haven’t gotten my throne and charm. Yes I have restarted my app and yes I looked for them. I got my legendary dragon on heckfire even though idc about that. Looking to get my stuff on here.
  13. I haven’t received my rewards
  14. Are the KoH rewards still available I have checked the store numerous times and I never found an iOS chest
  15. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
  16. Some of you have not received anything because at some point you have turned off advertising tracking in your phone's settings. This makes it impossible for us to associate your KaW account with your Heckfire account. Please take a look (it may require a Google of "[your device] advertising id setting") and see if this is the case. We will look into whether we can retroactively link your accounts and get you the rewards, but it will take some time.

    The chest has been there for quite a while. Are you certain you haven't already collected it?
  17. There are no materials for dismantling the heckfire throne. Is this a bug, or intentional?
  18. Reset ad limits, no chests
  19. As tracking I mean
  20. I’ve not received my equipment
    Any hoops that haven’t been jumped through on my part is because of poor communications from your end
    I expect my equipment