Play Kingdoms of Heckfire for Exclusive KaW Rewards!

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  1. It’s past tomorrow.. if you can’t keep promises to your players something needs to change.
  2. I downloaded the latest Heckfire my iPhone 5 could get. Won't work tho . Just know I was willing to jump through hoops for some equipments. (Ps pm me devs and we can still get me some loot)
  3. I've taken a look at your support history and every ticket you've submitted has been responded to with a custom response by one of our support staff. Everything seems reasonable here. If you have specific feedback, feel free to send that in and we'll take a look. Won't be discussing it or other unrelated topics in this thread.


    Bad thing is my original post was not from this account. I posted this from my main but for some reason there was a glitch and posted it under this alt.

    This is just like support to ignore our questions. You pick one thing to respond to and typically it's a generic response to get rid of us.

    Why don't you answer our questions? If you can't help your customers why even have a support team.

    Why don't you actually take the time to read our tickets and responses and actually try.
    When helping people talk to them about the issue and resolve it instead of being ignorant kids and stop assuming.
  4. Wheres the lb update. Please guys you tried to promise us one thing.
  5. At this point ata has no credibility. They have no integrity. They throw promises out there when they have no intentions delivering to.
  6. The terrifying this for all us KaW lovers, ok that’s too strong...I mean all us fans, nope still too strong, all us supportive players...wrong again..,all the pathetic peeps left playing this unnaturally addictive widely unsupported game, yup much more accurate..., is that we can see how much more complex a game KoHF is, Bruce admits it has a separate development team. That in itself is no surprise I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that KoHF has more developers working on it than KaW. For the last 6 months or so the game has started to be glitchy, riddled with bugs and very poorly maintained. The leaderboard update is such a small but live example of this. But look further, major issues for the first time in 7 years on Black Friday. The one day/weekend of the year the whole world knows activity will be crazy and yet the Devs still couldn’t deal with it. That screams lack of support for KaW. But look further. The pots and mith are so insanely out of date they make absolutely no difference or sense in today’s KaW stats. And I’ve not touched on the forever discussed war issues that loyal Kaw fans literally beg to be fixed/reviewed. The reality is, unless we see a number of changes to this game we are left with the only assumption that can be is on its way out no matter what Bruce and Co tell us. I for one would be genuinely gutted as I love this game. So Bruce and brucettes what will it be????
  7. Obviously when I say Mith I mean the mith spells which apparently add protection for 6 and 12 hours respectively. The key word there is “apparently” coz just look at the additional stats they give you...absolutely pathetic. Those additional stats are doing nothing with any mid level account and just forget about lb ones. It’s a joke. Damn it Devs show us you care about the game. UPDATE IT!!! UPDATE some simple things to start with just to show you give a damn.
    You introduced Transmuting, initially I was like wth but actually it’s an amazing addition and offers great stat increases with enough charms. But then you go and ignore it. It’s bad enough we have to wait until the Legend event has ended to transmute equip from that legend but we are now 2 events past the one that dropped headgear and we still can’t transmute those. Over and over again recently you show us you couldn’t care less about KaW. And the final straw???? The final straw is you ask, no you bribe KaW players to start playing KoHF which couldn’t be more of a tell as to which game you have chosen to invest time into. FIX THESE ISSUES DAMN IT!!! And remember...aminimis Incipe. Oh come now you don’t speak Latin??? It means begin with the smallest of things...
    Here end of the lesson
  8. Well Said
  9. So thinking ape your using kaw to promote heck fire ,why don't you do the same and promote kaw on heck fire ???
  10. I think with the fact you can’t do something as simple as update a LV that heckfire rewards won’t even be distributed 
  11. Kingdoms of Heckfire is a dead game,before its started.

    KAW has a crystal limit to do actions during 1day. Only few days during Black Friday stop that rule

    KOH dont have any limits.
    Only credit card tell limit,how many actions one Player can do.
    In Kaw its impossible that 1 Player could farm a hole clan empty

    In Kingdoms of Heckfire 1 Player could attack unlimited,produce Soldies unlimited,thats no strategy or teamplay needed.

    A huge strip in kaw need good tracking,and teamwork.

    In KoH only red cristals needed,that you can buy unlimited for unlimited actions
  12. 100% agree. LB updates should be a given. 7 years ago when I started playing, LB was updated daily. Now we have to beg for it to be updated, and you make the promise of updating, but fall back on it and instead release another event. If you promise something by a certain date, it should be a TOP priority.. And the Transmuting of Equipment being over 2 weeks behind with no word of it coming soon, and the fact that the equipment we just got in your biggest event of the ear isn’t even in the mage for enchantment... Obviously you can still make a profit on this game, but I guarantee that if you stepped up your game and put in even the slightest more effort, more people would spend money. Show us that this game isn’t dying. Please.
  13. Kingdoms of Heckfire is a total rubbish games.....
  14. Done Brucy!
    When's my items coming
  15. Still no items here on either game. Typical ATA
  16. It literally says in the post, rewards will be given at december 1st AFTER 12 PM PST
  17. Heckfire freezes when I click on rally. I’m not even gonna bother with support.
  18. Should we wait 12 PM PST to grab chest from Hecfire ? Or is there something to do before this time ?
  19. Because I still don’t find anything’s on Heckfire who looks like chest ...
  20. The new Stronghold Event that is going to be implemented in KoH is going to virtually kill the app,which in turn will help KAW as their outdated server running all their apps will not be overloaded.