Play Kingdoms of Heckfire for Exclusive KaW Rewards!

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  1. Considering this is a 9+ game, what's you expect?
  2. Free gifts.. yaaaaaaaay tanx
  3. I can't download that game on this device though. 
  4. What device? :0
  5. Most of my oldest accounts are on ipods 5th generation and those devices cannot run the heckfire app.

    Can I play heckfire on a device with a kaw alt on it and than trade these two reward objets to one of my my old accounts?

    Or in short: Are both items tradeable?
  6. So will war never get rewards worthwhile of participation. Seriously all the eq from events and now this only makes it tunnel vision syndrome where as war/pvp are sideshows.
  7. The items will not be tradeable.
  8. @ATAbruce

    If you can take on the LB update, can you please consider a War Season?

    If you made the rewards worth considering, more people would do it and theyd buy xtals too.

    Its been a while️
  9. The download is over 150 MB? Seriously?! C'mon apes, scale it down...damn!
  10. The whole app is close to 800MB on my droid.

    Once you open the map, you have another download. There was an update for 400Mb last week.

    I'm curious as to how the items are going to be given out. As my KoH and KaW account are linked to two different email accounts.
  11. build lots of alters and lots of studies. Strong dragons and lower research times are paramount.
  12. Did bionic just provide sound advice? Is this a breakthrough?
  13. @ATA

    If you already have all three legendary dragons, is there an alternate reward?
  14. Welp my phone broke so having to use a tablet so I won't get rewards shocking

  15. For those of you that were concerned about the promotional items if you had different email IDs for KoH and KaW!
  16. The game keeps crashing.
  17. Why haven’t you made this a free Nob offer download?