Play Kingdoms of Heckfire for Exclusive KaW Rewards!

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  1. ***Rewards will be added to your account shortly after Noon PT on Friday, December 1st

    ****Grab your Heckfire bonus from the Chest section of the Heckfire Store BEFORE Noon PT on Friday, December 1st. The Chests are called "Android Chest" or "Apple Chest" depending on your device.
  2. The hell?! We don't want KoH decor dammit.
  3. Is this where all the support is going to? What makes you think we will like this game when you can’t even support us in KaW?
  4. Not at all. The KaW team is entirely separate from the Heckfire team.
  5. I hope the support team actually takes care of their players on Heckfire. Have you thought about recycling the support team for KaW. Would be nice to get responses that are not copy pasted. Also actually follow through on things you commit to.
  6. Fix LB update so indi matchups aren’t screwed
  7. So ... i linked my ata id but no rewards
  8. Nvm just read the bottom
  9. 2000 nobility and you have a deal.

    Wait - - nah - - LOL.
  10. Will the beta testers that long since stopped playing get the rewards as well?
  11. Only if you have an active Heckfire account on the same device as your Kaw account this Friday when we distribute the rewards.
  12. So for those who can't download it because "it isn't compactible On Ipod" won't receive reward. Sad.
  13. Do i just need to install it and run it? Cuz. Im trying to play the game. But i cant do anything. Its bugged as hell for me xD
  14. Wow, honestly the worst game I've ever downloaded. Too bad you struck out looking, seeing how much I love KAW. Then again the last six months have been a disaster here as well.
  15. What is your plan to improve customer support ? I agree it's been months existent. Support is automated, they don't read, close ticket out when issue was not resolved and etcc.

    Any update on we wars? Maybe season war? Cyber Monday?
  16. How do i create an account? So far it just prompted me to make a mame for myself. No email address or anything does it link with my KaW account?
  17. Pretty sure you gotta connect your ata id, google account or whatever that is connected to your KaW account.

    If it helps, I connected my ata id.

    At extras
  18. Heckfire kept force closing on me after 1 or 2 mins. I quit for a month re downloaded with same thing happening. As a beta tester. Will i get the rewards or no
  19. Hey ruff, what device are you running?

    It could be a memory issue if you're having constant app crashes.
  20. Devs, not saying I HATE you all, but I would definitely spit in your coffee creamer if I found it in the work refrigerator.