Plate Collecting

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  1. I'd like to get some of your feedback on something to do with crestplates.
    Do you collect plates and use them as soon as you have an upgrade available?
    Do you hoard them up to a certain amount, like 100, and only use when you have the excess to do an upgrade?
    Do you just hoard them and not use them until you have a really high amount?
    BIG QUESTION: Do you feel like having a higher amount of crestplates increases your luck in getting more plate drops?
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  2. I hoard them
  3. I try and hoard them but need the stats so use them when I have enough for an upgrade.
  4. I think the drops of crestplates are random and not tied to the number of plates that you have. At best it is given if you have a minimum number of actions in the eb. But welcome any other thoughts on this.
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  5. I use them as I get them. Drops do seem to be influenced by how many plates you have worth of PL buildings and inventory plates. My drops have increased as I add more and more pl buildings and level them up, even though I have zero or close to zero Pl plates stashed all the time.