Petition to Revert back to former forum format

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by SuPeR-I3aD_-X-_TH3_WaR-G0D, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Last forum update was just a mobile reskin. This update is an entirely new forum host client I believe, xenforo instead of (???) PPhb-something
  2. Zero support, mend things that are actually broken
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  3. Oppose
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  4. Can't say I'm impress, but change sucks. Everybody will get used to it 🍻
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  5. Support
  6. Now theres gonna be no more bb code fails. Also lol this necro bump
  7. New format is much better. A step in the right direction.
  8. No support. They broke it on the last forum update imo.
  9. No support.
  10. I like this format because it gives you more options than in the past
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  11. I like the new forum.
  12. needs a background color
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  13. I agree it looks good but the showing of real names and locations; not so good
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  14. I like the new format although it's too bright after getting used to the dark theme. I love xenforo and it's got better features than the old forums. Only people complaining are those that don't like change
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  15. I like the change, sucks I cant upload without URLs but I like the change. Itll take some getting used to. 😁🤘🏻😎
  16. To be fair, those were all optional fields you could fill in on old forums. I honestly haven't been able to see anyone with either field (or email, for that matter) filled out that wasn't obviously a carryover from old forums :/
  17. +1 to the above, I've searched high and low and cannot find anywhere to edit that stuff from the current layout.
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  18. Wtf is this stupid format.
  19. forum format is a steaming pile of poop.
  20. Smh devs.....smfh