Petition to Revert back to former forum format

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by SuPeR-I3aD_-X-_TH3_WaR-G0D, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Support.
  2. Once the devs do it, they'll stick with it so no point in trying.

    -10% support
  3. Seriously? I was the second person to comment I said no support yet, where's my name? >.>
  4. I like this format but just needs to have the asterisk by the threads that were already posted on
  5. I say we OSW....


    iPhone 
  6. Apologies

  7. That acct. had never even posted on old forums...

    Thanks for the support but I wont add accts with less than 20 post from now on and that number may increase.
  8. No... Just no
  9. No Support, Only thing they need to change is the colours and it will be good
  10. Not many people get on forums. I would make this the place where all the unicorn rp takes place
  11. Needs to be put in opposer's.
    I bet op is secrectly "not noticing" some opposer's...
  12. No noob. Read the rules.
  13. Bring back the ability to see if there are unrrad posts in a thread and if you havr posted in it. Seriously, why would they remove that.
  14. Thread updated with notable quotes
  15. Bump for obvious reasons