Petition to Revert back to former forum format

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by SuPeR-I3aD_-X-_TH3_WaR-G0D, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. I oppose it, it's Awesome and condensed and bad trolls don't last long and it works so well.

    I just wish it was more colourful
  2. This will only confirm to devs there's no need to change.....unless 80% + want it it won't be just to move on and adapt as they 100% won't go back the way.....they may tweak the colour n spacing but it's best u can ask for now
  3. Support new forums is crap!
  4. I would like to point out that this forum style is the same as smash monsters.
    This being used across multiple ata games very unlikely to change the kaw bit.
    As smash has a blue background it does scan better than this gray.
  5. Petition to make the game fun again
  6. Support.
    Or at least make the contrast between posts greater.
  7. No support, new one is mint
  8. That will never happen again.
  9. Support, back in my day forums were more forumy!
  10. No support, omg just let improvement happen. People say the game is dying , but when the devs try to improve it e.g. clan format and forum format, people start moaning about it. If you don't want the game to die then let the devs do what they are doing to keep it going and to improve it as much as they can.
  11. Just change the color scheme
  12. It's dying because the Devs "improvements" make the gaming experense worse. That is why they complain.
  13. exactly kaw is losing players based on these so called "improvements" not gaining more.
  14. The new forums are NOT an improvement.
  15. SUPPORT!!!!!
  16. 50 shades of gray is not an improvement... it's kaw_com's twisted fantasy
  17. Support for new format looks better but u still have to get used to it
  18. Support

    The new forum is much harder to read