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  1. also to unban every banned account. in light of all the controversy surrounding the ee wars botting and the accounts that seem to be un punished .i say just bring them all back into the game.We are forever hearing the comment " Kaw is dying , Kaw is boring , Kaw is dwinderling fast on gaining new members , they are all quiting because bored of the same b2b events etc " .Well the answer is just to shake it up completely .With a click of a switch unban every account and bring back those owners back to kaw. This will drastically increase more revunue for Kaw. And the excitement & fun factor will once again return to kaw. And memorys of fun times are locked up in all those locked + graveyarded and out of view forum threads.Give kaw a chance once again to revel in the happy go lucky times . if you flip the switch and give things and people another chance .Sometimes things will improve and turn into your favour. For the better of kaw and prolonged life of kaw.
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    Yes, i would like my LB account back with 150T sitting out on it.
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    That's not much, and this is the dumbest idea I have ever read. You do know those accounts were banned for a reason. Lifting said ban would just turn kaw into a botting war. You would be saying there is no consequence for actions. Was there a single shred of intelligence or thought put into this thread ?
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    Ugh that'd be funny! The very first rant of now infamous drama llama Ancienne is prolly there. It was dedicated to me. I'd love to read it so many years later
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    This one wasn't banned for botting actually. And kaw has been at botting wars for years. Banning single accts won't fix it as long as the code writers are allowed to play and sell their bots online
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    Only thing roni's ever said i agree with cause why not.
  8. Yeah, no thanks.

    Last thing anyone wants to see is bickering, excessive derailment, horrible trolling and cringe.

    Essentially what all threads in graveyard are.

    But it's also where all roni's threads go :lol:
  9. seems like roni's type of thing!
  10. Actually Kasama not all mine have been stupid ones.Some i have put a lot of thought and planning into it. i did one i really was proud of called " Bonnie & Clyde wars " . A.J was even going to use it in his monthly events . Not every thread that goes up is a nasty or troll thread . it would be great if i could get that one back if not others . That one had alot of support so it made no sense why it all of a sudden vanished . Some just get graveyarded outter spite .
  11. If all the funny characters from kaw history that kept us on our toes could come back. That'd bring another level of entertainment back into the game. Yafi, Moose, Bellemorte, Wulf, even Jackson . im sure people given another chance would have already learned their lesson and value kaw more being given another chance.
  12. Top post u put a lot of thought in them says it all put your helmit bk on new drool towell in the mail protect your head for now for your benefit all of Kaw loves a great laugh n if u got worse we really wouldn't understand u . your funny now. Kinda like the Kaw bike we've all had a turn at a great laugh. Keep up the good work on your own posts
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    Please don't mention her name 2 more times. We don't want her haunting our dreams 
  15. A really intelligent comment there hawk.You forgot to do full stops and commas etc though.No wonder you got mocked by Glenn and Scrapster and pipebomb. You lack a personality though . Shiney pretty stars at the side of your name but nothing going on inbetween.
  16. What kind of drunk dribble is that? Did anybody understand a word?
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    Lol @ ron rons banned account
  18. When the liqour kicks in :p
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    roni's trolling gets this much better!