Petition to make Timm an official KAW acronym.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wolfie69, Feb 20, 2019.

  1.'s happened in active again,as it always does. This isn't my main :roll:
    Doesn't seem to matter the subject or situation someone always says it. "Your Mom sux!...This isn't my main.." "Your stats suck and look at your post count noob...This isn't my main.." So I propose to make T.I.M.M. or more simply Timm to be an official KAW acronym to promote speedier posts to a forum thats been declared flat line these last several years. Thank you for your support...or not...but we must work together to keep these deceased crossthoughts of ideas alive. Thoughts?
  2. No support.
    This isn’t my main.
  3. P.s. Timm
  4. KaW should be renamed to EBoT for Epic Battles on Tap.
  5. T.I.M.O.A

    This is my only account
  6. im gonna farm your mom to reset

  7. If you have a good enough acronym, start using it and it'll naturally take off. No need to have a petition to change how people talk :roll: they'll do it on their own if they think it's worthwhile.
  8. I would but I’m lazy so nah no support
  9. Now datz layZ Snoop hound..but at least its a reply to a "dead" ForRum.
  10. CHUNGUS no aupport, she told me so