Petition To Make HTE Free

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by ImmortalFaZe, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. They could make much more from ZTA
  2. 100k on hte could be like 500k a day on zta. Just saying.
  3. We should make a petition to have an eb that costs $15 to open. We have a 5.99 and 8.99 ish we should have a 14.99 one
  4. That would be great :p. How about ata have 1 minute free ZTA/HTE
  5. No support; I make 331m a hit on HTE.
    I make 167m a hit on regular haunts.
    I can still make 150b a day at mild activity (3-5 unloads a day) that is an upgrade everyday till I finish HF. At that point I'll be making close to 200m a hit on reg haunts. That's not bad money. I mean yeah I'm not going to make 750b in a day but if BC took a month it wouldn't make sense.

    BC is a journey not a week long effort.

    Ps. A new player can get to 35mcs in two months with no money spent. So enough of the "small guys can't grow bs"
  6. I liked the cancer joke
  7. If every tier of eb had a premium pay epic battle perhaps it would be more realistic and in keeping with stat increases blue piggy hte zta then a summoner type epic.
  8. Support.
  9. Wont Happen having HTE like its now is ATA main source of income so they wont make it free but i do support it then everyone has a even chace of LB tiers on Events instead of HTE clans and it will help people gorw in general with the horrid expensive Upgrades
  10. Someone was a spoilt brat?
  11. Nah only takes 6$ a week to be in an HTE clan, not that hard.
  12. The real question is if you would spend it on this game
  13. To stay in a one week HTE clan (the good/fast ones are a four or five day stay only which is more expensive) it's pretty cheap so long as you have the spare money.
    And HTE barely pays more than TS for me so I'm not fussed. HTE isn't even that great anymore.
  15. Support. This idea is brilliant especially with the creation of ZTA the devs could make it a whole new generation of pay ebs. I know i for one would be buying the more expensive circles if i could get hte on the house 