Petition to Lower Sod Cost

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  1. I Have decided that i dont like that ONE seal costs $6, I believe lowering it to $5 would be a lot more convenient for us(The buyers of the seals)

    So i am starting a petition to lower The price of a sod to $5..... I have played this game a long time and every time i buy Seals i have leftover nobility.

    If it lowers by one dollar, twenty bucks worth of nobility will get you four seals instead of three with a few leftover points/ You can also buy a single SOD with the $5 nobility purchase. (Lower to 49 nobility)

    Please support this petition in lowering the price of sod for the convenience of time and money.
  2. No support do the free nob things that never work
  3. Won't happen
  4. I would have to agree in the case that I do spend money for seals/horns/aevum etc for my clan.. and quit frankly SoD is just a hassle to spend 4.99 then have to spend another .99 or spend 19.99 then need more... however I find that if it were a flat 5$ a seal I'd be more inclined to buy more seals cause I would feel like I was spending much less...

  5. Or.. Get a job
  6. I agree with this only because seals have lost their value as time has gone on either add the permanent optional bar or reduce the price.
  7. Or perhaps the Seal price is well thought out so that u always have spare nobs and feel like u have to buy just a little more and make use of them
  8. I have agreed with this since seals came out. And its still relevant today.
  9. Considering that with new equip and stats a hte last maybe 30% as long as when introduced, a dollar price reduction seems very reasonable, which is why I'm sure it won't happen. Get ready for zta empowered at 200 nobs. Coming soon.
  10. Nah they need to lower the bc cost
  11. As long as there are people buying seals at their current price, ATA would never lower lol.
  12.  yup.

    But it should be lowered especially since they aren't adding that sub bar in the second phase.
  13. $6 was worth it back then but now it's a useless eb , support to lowering cost
  14. Nah, let's waiting for the sale based on Holiday, Special Day, etc. SoD used to be on sale for only... Like 29 to 49 nobs? Patience
  15. No support
  16. Lmao you guys putting your nobs IN the wrong things :)
  17. Exactly. It's a basic marketing strategy. Similar to why the price is 59 nobs and not 60 (admit it or not, for most people that difference is subconscious and makes it seem 59 is a much better deal as the 60 pushes it into a higher category)
  18. This. It's really simple marketing strategy.
    Also, dollar values are different in other countries. What should the value be of four seals in Dirham? Or Euro? Would those even out as conveniently as 5 USD?
  19. Seals for 50 nobs would be so nice tbh