Petition to Limit Strip Damage

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  1. This is truly a dumb idea.
  2. Ppl don't deserve to stay on the top for spending money imo and if the game is ran for $50k/month players who decide to quit just cos they can't catch up its not really a game i'd care for, these ppl weren't spending that big and ata were running well before we got to today's current super spending era, a few dollars lost won't hurt the devs as much as the loss of enthusiam of multiple players who spent $ to be big enough to strip the lb in the first place rather than be content to sit under them as long as they pay the devs lol
  3. I respect your opinion about my opinion
  4. No support but it will happen in some form
  5. The recent strip is not a normal thing. And the player stripped isnt you normal eb style player.

    He pvp'd.
    He used his size as an advantage(nothing wrong with that)
    He knew more than anyone about the risk involed in how he played and what he could lose.

    If anything he probably got bored of spending cash just for the events and upgrades and said "screw it, lets see what i can stir up before i quit playing kaw".

    Teja and Bom werent some boring accounts that quietly set on top of the lb only hitting eb.

    And Bom still plays kaw.
  6. A lot of you are making some really good points.

    Everyone except frog, of course. Frog seems upset for some reason. I think he needs a midol.
  7. What about something like, if allies sell, subsequent steals and attacks for the following 24 hours looses u 30% next 24 hours 25% next etc over 5 days.
    This gives a chance to respond, try diplomacy, fight back, if you really want someone stripped clean it's still achievable.
    If the pvp plunder was increased also then for the strippers it would still be worth the time and effort organising, maybe even more fulfilling as more strategy would be needed to complete it fully.
    I know it's just a 'tap tap' game but I can't help feeling for someone loosing so much so fast.
    After all upgrades are done I'm not sure I'll invest in many more allies, maybe stash more bb for the next lands.
  8. I don't think this petition is dumb at all.... ITs just plain stupid !!!!! No support.
  9. no support
  10. Op isnt even real cheese ...cant take him seriously
  11. oh....

    nevermind then
  12. Hey, that's online bullying. I'm calling the Internet police on you
  13. This is a war game. Always has and will be. Good job WFGAF !!! NO SUPPORT #ATALL
  14. The words of this cheez in no way reflect the ideas of the (real) big cheez
  15. No Support.

    Truth I think they need to expand damage beyond simple gold loss n plunder bonus (now most will have a 500b to tril+ in bars)

    Perhaps a new thing with pvp ie building damage. Make the cost to repair cheap but til repair done reduced max troops n regen amount.
  16. Cheese. I can't honestly believe you would propose such an idea. I'm stuck on the fence as to whether you are trolling or not.

    Making the opponent lose everything makes osw fun. If the player quits as a result, so be it. Maybe they should have invested their thousands of real life dollars on more towers. Or perhaps stayed in an eb clan and not piss off an osw alliance. Hats off to the lb players stripped and still playing.
  17. If rather see a petition to limit Cheese from posting.
  18. OP has probably never been in osw lol
  19. Definitely not