petition to give pc players free speakers

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by ReTuRn_0fRay_, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Pc players should be treated equally. And should get 5speakers a day like android iPod iPhone players who agrees

    And would not mind a volley
  2. Yes, sure, more spam. Nice genius.
  3. I support. It is stupid they don't anyway.
  4. But this has also been brought up many times, they haven't changed it for whatever reason -.-
  5. I agree. Should get the same amount daily as cell users. There was a time I had to play on my pc and it killed me not having speakers. Support
  6. stop spamming AT.
  7. Think ads are bad, imagine someone making 1k (just a random number) accounts to break tou or to spam ads.... Wc would surely be a scary place then.
  8. Pc gamers don't deserve ads, they don't have enough money
  9. if you say it causes too many ads, then they should take away device speakers and give them to pc
  10. Umm a device can have one account, with PC you have ability for virtually limitless accounts
  11. ^Thats only if your sad and make loads of Facebook/ATA accounts. Support this idea
  12. *makes 1000 accounts*
    *spams wc all day with spragga*
    *changes IP to bypass bans*
    Yup brilliant idea, support.
  13. No support, from a mod's perspective this would just make our work load many many many times heavier with people spamming and making statless alts to break TOU. PC accounts don't have speakers because it's far too easy to abuse with the easy access to as many accounts as you feel like making option. This feature will never be a viable option unless you can find some way to limit the trolls, statless trouble maker accounts or other such problems along with it.
  14. Legendary if it makes your job hard don't be a mod '-'
  15. He didn't say hard he said more :roll:

    They have real life's you know and he became mod to help community not to silence morons making a unlimited amount of alts to spam and get free speakers :|