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  1. Hello,

    For starters the point of this thread is to simply put an end to seasonal wars as a whole. At this point in time I think people would be happier with the old way KaW has always done its wars. A simple war season each year and ASW for the top 10k to enjoy.

    Bringing back EE clan culture is something people still talk about today. During the early rancor seasons lots of thriving EE clans existed where the sole purpose was just war. It’s something that today is just looked back on as a great part of KaWs history.

    Spring seasonal war was a okay at best and pretty shaky for the most part. This summer war is just an absolute joke. Many put time aside to war at the expected times, times created by devs who have been planning this war for awhile now. Not everything can go without hiccups but this has been absolute joke. Bending your own rules to let a leaver back into clan, this current hot mess of 2v2 wars wasting everyone’s time and just the overall mentality of people warring just for some furniture. This is what made the other EE seasons great, during the indi seasons people did huge pushes and warred multiple time slots to hit T100 and T10, you weren’t able to just cast and get tokens to get the best seasonal war equip or top rewards.

    EE as it stands is an absolute joke and it’s shameful to see what its become. In general a huge overhaul should be done to fix the current joke of a system in its place.

    Part of this is me just ranting but many players in the war community feel this way and it seems as if EE wars are just being tossed to the side to be forgotten


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  2. The “tokens” system just ruined it all. In my times you got level for wins... that was the real deal.

    Now people get rewarded for losing and they don’t actually get affected much if they lose therefore some people (not some, actually quite a lot) cast and make enough actions to abuse the system and get 300 tokens to push for top 100 and top 10.
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  3. This, rancor war system was their best idea for wars. Win and get levels, reach a specific level and maintain 50 rancor you get max rewards for the season
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  4. Did not even get my Mith back from first war, now dont even have a chance to make some of it back in second war, devs had months to prepare for the tournament and plenty of time to make match ups, Please sell ATA to a competent company
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  5. Exactly and people actually had reasons to fight like crazy for the win... because losing wouldn’t give you the levels and also the higher the prestige lb the higher the respect of the clan and people actually fearing matching you. Now all of that is gone.

  6. Support
  7. Support it all. Luv u luv u give us clan wars back so we can dominate all tyvm
  8. One of the way to filter out alts warring for tokens is go away with the top 20k or 10k ranked players from LB. Use a new LB with players with the most participation in wars. Yup, those daily wars we take part in. Just use them to get the top 800 players with the most “warring experience”. That way we can weed out those accounts that’s created solely for freebies
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  9. They need to make a yearly war lb on profile and all these war events we have every 2 weeks contribute to your rank and then the top 800 from that are eligible to participate in these 4 tournaments. It would help weed out some Alts/moles who cast currently because all they need to do to cast is be top 10-20k and also the eb builds or accounts just casting to get the furnishing rewards .
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  10. This.
  11. Give us back our EE clans. Im tired of seeijg inexperienced warrers with garbage builds join EE for reawards. Ive been warring since Season 1 and god EE is an absolute joke. Ive never seen so many noobs hungry for rewards in wars like i do now.

    Rancor wars gave the experienced warrers the best way to win because you get to war with your friends who you can trust and you get to compete against others who arent trash and know what theyre doing. I shouldnt have to worry about some noob basically handing the other a win bevause they dont understand how to SKO. Rancor wars will thrive if we get them back. That will be serious warring.
  12. I'm sorry, but do you guys think things out?

    Making a top LB for people who war wont eliminate alts. It just means the alts who log in to current EE wars and do minimal actions regardless of wins will be there over many others because let's face it, many of those alts war more than many people.

    Also every season of wars had tons of complaints and caused tons of reworks, usually in which user suggestions were implemented and blew back in all of your faces time and time again because no one thinks anything out.

    Anyway, good luck with the future of EE.
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  13. #clanwarsforpresident2020
  14. Support for rancor style wars
  15. No support.
  16. TLDR gay
  17. Support