petition to cap stats and bfa

Discussion in 'Activities' started by quigamalathedestroyer, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. You know because some people are to lazy and poor to bother growing so it's unfair on them
  2. I have a better idea, petition too silence everyone who abused the charm system and are crying about it now
  3. if any of you make another petition so help me god
  5. Nice. Support.
  6. Somehow lazy is now devs’ problem to fix?
  7. ahahahahaha
  8. This is terrible no support at all
  9. No, bfa = risk nd reward!:-*
  10. They don’t need caps...what they use to need and idk because I quit playing over a year ago was tighter hit ranges...but seriously what you all need is a new is so much better outside kaw
  11. This app was dead once a mod was caught discussing how ata should stop policing cheaters and instead try to get in on the money of account selling #modleaks those ss are still around somewhere just ask
  12. There was no effort put into this thread at all...