Petition to ban PS in wars

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  2. Op complaining because his clan got beat so bad he is assuming we stripped them to win lmao 
  3. Is it weird that I think stripping is a completely valid way to do pvp in a game that limits you so much on strategy?
  4. Devin admitted to stripping and Just posted on his wall admitting it....yeah..."assuming"
  5. Your team just didn't war well.. We had a great wc and trackers. We would've won without stripping the ps
  6. There was only one to find out.
  7. Alot of your ps1 had troops in like 25% of the war. I always heard "person xy has troop, ps1." I xtaled and and ate with 50% of my troops. Dumped after, cause of reasons..
    I never att that said ps, maybe trough warroster but not cause i knew it was ps
  8. Irrelevent do u even war?? yes we all know ps build have its flaw and there is solutions like make plundering off ps so little that it is irrelevent or just being unable to atk ps during war. No support to that lazy idea and coming from an alt ...
  9. So, the OP isn’t a part of his clan anymore. I wonder why.
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  10. Did anyone actually reply to my comment? about taking away the PS so called problem,ie not banning but locking PS allies when they cast for war ?
  11. That suggestion has been made often. It would be nice n easy:
    Lock allies at the moment woc is casted and disable item-sell at the marketplace.
  12. you spud that was pretty much a solo strip by devin our bigs didnt hit that tiny ps they plundered and played fair like all of us minus devin. Had a great wc and trackers would of made finals if it wasnt for martin_ha leaking akos all war being cr9 and plundering 5b 
  13. I'm trying to figure what a ps is doing with allies. If homeboy was a hansel and converted for war he should have been a bit more prepared.

  14. What year is. Is?....people been saying that a good 6 years on and off ...welcome to the party
  15. All ps dont even figth a eb as ps lol why ln war would be good? Be real is a useless build for actions, no ps ass builds they cant ass and dont sct builds thry can succes sct. If all builds do that you would not see my spy bar in ur nf every time lol
  16. +1, to cast you should have a minimum of 1 build in troops and spies.
  17. Is simple go full att no spy building cast to war and all ps ur side will say u r useless
  18. Why not narrow down ps that cause the problem/open.
    Add on to list if needed
    1) Running_sacred now llpupll. (Ps opened during 2019 summer war.