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  1. No support.
  2. Support i want more x-stals and nob
  3. What's a quest?
  4. Lord Jeff, go to the oracle to check out some amazing deals on crystals and nobility. Now for a limited time when you buy 20 crystals you get 12 free!!! For an amazing price of 20$!! Impress your friends with your awesome kingdom! That again is 20 xtals 12 for a price of 20.00$
  5. no support. questing is for troops!
  6. Good notion, very much supported
  7. Devs giving away more free xtals? I dont think so.
    Support regardless.
  8. Support!
  9. I think instead we should be able to assassinate/scout the quests to lower the difficuty. That would inlovle them in it and make quests slightly easier
  10. I think quests should give us crystals for every failed attempt. Encourage more PvP right?
  11. Not going to go anywhere, but support 
  12. Bacon I love that thinking!
  13. Tons of people have tried this before you... Young one... :/
  14. A well debated thread, I agree with the non-supports though... They have a point that you guys can steal your gold and that Quests are rarely used in the game anymore.
  16. Spy quest do not need to reward xtals. Just allow you the ability to burn them. For instance on NG. or even the newer eb's that have long drawn out atk only bars.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.