Petition for nu primium eb

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by saltyfeet, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. If ur broke then these thred is not for u. Mobe along u chump.

    Ok so, we nid a primium eb. Yes. U herd me rite. Primium.
    We currentli habe 2 abailabol durin the weak. Hte an zta. Both r trash. They r finish in the blink of an eye. An payout is reely crapy. Not worth it.
    I propos a midium range eb. One thats bitween hte an nk. So ppl who can espend in these game can entertain themselfs. Ppl like urs truly.

    So, make it hapen u debs.
    Estart codin. Estart ernin. Hell, u cud even copy paste the code uve used for some ebents.

    Salty aka the champ
  2. Someone needs to give this player a pay rise !! Genius.
  3. What? Whats not to like?
    Its a grate idea for players with disposabol income like me
  4. NAL havent run an NK in just under a month and you dont go to prem EB clans, so why do you need a new prem EB?
  5. For ma main ya chump.for our banks.
  6. I bet you support Liverpool
  7. I only wach reel esports.
  8. You sir need to back to eschool to learn prper English
  9. I got saltyfeat to!!
  10. Imagine supporting Liverpool that’s disgusting
  11. Where’s the ZTA tier 2? Wasn’t that coming out
  12. I really hope one day you pee out a kidney stone
  13. We have seals. We have horns. So obviously what we need is a narwhal eb.