Petition for Making a Gifting Feature

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  1. theres a button on the oracle that lets you trade in nobs for gold. you dont need to be able to trade silver bars to your alt. just buy the nobs on that account and buy gold from the oracle if you want to grow faster that badly. the equip trading thing might be cool i guess. i see too many problems with trading silver bars to other people
  2. Support, I don't care how the devs change the game just make it refreshing...
  3. Support great idea for newcomers you could also base the amount giftable by the combined stats say newcomers 25sb and 50bb, 1-5mcs 50sb and 100bb 5-10mcs 75sb and 150bb 10-100mcs 100sb and 200bb
  4. smalls won't have a choice not to beg for it or make friends wit bigs to earn it if they choose to be competitive in growth. It's a choice one way but not another.
  5. Isn't this the same as having to join a clan though?
    I get what you mean but kaw is largely based around work together with friends to achieve goals so this adds another aspect to that team work. In my opinion
  6. I need handouts
  7. I like the gist. #support.
  8. bump for noob with trading thread
  10. I like the idea very much but I am scared it will be abused for ppl to make gifts as a part of cf requests or by the many bullies in this game.
  11. Good. Seems fair - give me 2T and I'll accept your cf
  12. No support...just a way for the huge spenders to have more over powered alts
  13. No support. Too exploitable and girl perks are already off the charts, no need to make it worse or make males feel like the girls owe them something because they gifted them something.
  14. I'd support if u could trade like account "skins" that would change the colors of profile screen ect.

    Also another idea: transferable banners??

    ninjA OUT
  15. Well let's make a pro cons list, aight ?

    Pros ;
    - You pretend it will help smaller players. On this, I agree.
    - It would get rid of useless objects we don't need.
    - Taxable to reduce the amount of abuse.

    Cons ;
    - Still abusable.
    - New players will grow even more faster.
    - It will unbalance a lot of things. What a 3-5 months player is supposed to do against a player with mith equipment and4t in allies?
    - Amount of nob is too low. You can get 1 only by 1-2 unloads on quests.

    Too many cons imo.
  16. like wut?

    what "girl perks"? Unless u are putting "princess", "lady","angel", "girl", "hot" and "sexy" in ur name and a status that screams "hey, i gots girl parts and i might cyber" nobody has to know u are a girl. Especially if u don't want "girl perks".
  17. What do you think ppl in certain positions of power will do? We have already seen a small example of what is a larger problem and gifting would only make it worse
  18. Omg! It's a game. What position of power?! Are u kidding me?