Petition for KoS war's

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  1. Can devs make new KoS war.
    Kingdom's of stats.
    No allie, no equipment, no charms/furniture.
    Just ur stats. I know all people who are allie lb or farm a lot of charms will cry, but rest of the kaw like 95% should like that idea.
  2. No, big spenders keep the servers alive.
  3. Raw stats war, interesting thought but another nice idea the devs will have no interest in doing ! Just like the good ideas for events, I wonder the devs train of thought sometimes! Take the tower event we had, made the game fun for awhile, guys worked together and kaw was alive for a bit, we asked for it but all we get is rehashed do this do that! Kaw will never change
  4. The sad truth.

    Devs don't care about EE and haven't for probably years now, the rewards are complete trash, the EE playerbase is dying and they don't do anything about it, no incentives to war since you can get the exact same rewards from the EB event.
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  5. Cool idea. Why not give it ago. Wars have changed in the past. A new look and slightly different alternative to the standard.
  6. They already had this for a seasonal war. It was called Primal. I'd like to see this one come back as an option for IWars.
  7. Petition to ban useless ideas from forum
  8. support
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