Petition for all indi -.-

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  1. As vital mentioned, I was present in the individual war where our cr4 couldn't even war; when I complained to ata about it, the ticket was simply closed days later.

    Personally I think FFA clans should be around, how can someone learn how to LL if no "pro" clan will give them a chance?

    War equipment should be brought back. People might actually start warring again for something more than just ee.
  2. FFA wars dont teach you how to war. We're not talking about bad wc clans, but clans dedicated to losing every war and scouting to 60 actions. Remove them, and people will be forced to organize somewhat serious wars, where you might actually learn.
  3. Fair enough, I agree to that. I just meant it in the context of those who begin to war :)
  4. The issue I mentioned earlier is currently happening to me 
  5. Make wars like they were for chaos wars. One every 1 1/2 hours. Random fight schemes (you don't know what kind of war your doing until 10 minutes til kick off) Limit 10 players per clan... omg 6 weeks of those wars and u played different clans every time. There was no strategy. U just fought harder and faster than everyone else and won