Petition for all indi -.-

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  1. Straight into the topic ll are boring. Most of them are ffa wars or deal wars. Devs don't look into this -.- while ffa wars are being openly advertised on wc you barley get a proper match. Most of the times its ffa or sometimes no match. Just take that slot away for ll and make it indi please or just remove 60 actions and loser gets 300. Just make it winners get 600 regardless of actions losers get 0 make it same way in indi too
  2. Nah.

    Actions force noobs to be active to achieve 60- and there is proper serious clans that do LL. you need to save LL by not allowing ffa clans to participate or change the way they work, removing LL all together is kinda stupid. Unless there is a replacement the devs are working on? Doubt it cos they money hungry and don't make anything through war...

  3. Just remove war altogether since we don't get anything even for warring, devs just abandoned it.
  4. Indi wars have some issues too these days. The past week or two I've seen people being uncasted but they are still in the war clan. Uncasted people in the clan can't hit or be hit by opponents. It's simply a waste of 2 whole hours for them with no way to earn event items. I've put forth this issue to devs and the conversation just got closed without a reply. I've seen clans get formed and disbanded immediately, then reformed again. Weird stuff is happening. Idk what you changed in the matchup algorithms, but you need to look into it devs.

    Indis too will fail if this issue persists. Also, there needs to be equal placement of plunder making builds in either side to make matches fair.
  5. No, if it’s boring don’t do ll we don’t care.
  6. Indi is terrible. Removing one bad system doesnt make another terrible system any better. Gotta stop ffa clans, not LL wars altogether. Stop dealing with FFA, stop casting in FFA clans, make it harder for them to get their 300.
  7. True.. stop ffa. Loser clan gets zero. Winner gets higher drops that'll make it so that everybody will war like they mean it. Same in indi too. Increase the broken sword -_- 6 days. That'll hurt those scrawny moles and #I lagged players
  8. Support
  9. I just miss serious wars 
  10. I prefer Indi over lowland but that doesn't mean either is good they should of got rid of these wars ages ago and thought of something new. Developers don't care about war in a war game just give up with these petitions and ideas you are just wasting your time.
  11. Following an indi match yesterday where we were matched 12 v 13 and one guy casted out of clan but wasnt showing in rosta I sent feedback, as u describe above strange goings on happening of late and clear errors in the matching system, I was very disappointed with their response to my enquiries with generic thanks for your input replies!!! After pushing further I received this reply -

    We've looked into that. Once again, all match-ups are determined by our system and it's not something we can change after the war ends.

    We'll make sure to take your experience into account for future balancing decisions!

    Not good enough KaW! How about you let the community know you recognise failings in your system and compensate for clear errors, explain what your doing to address future instances , even take down the system until your confident it’s working correctly! before everyone looses the will !

  12. Lol compensation for problems with indi matchups? .. Yea I'm sure they'll get right on that and refund me about 400 crystals and several hundred life hours I'm owed.. But first they'd have to hire some employees that handle coding and game development instead of having the janitor doing double duty.. I'm not holding my turds in till that happens though.
  13. Zesty, I was one of the players to be un-casted. I sent feedback several times and received no response. As for wars, LL or iWar, there will always be issues. As for the lack of response from support/ATA...well, I'm pretty sure you have my feedback on file ya darn dirty apes!
  14. I too sent feedback regarding this war and the ticket was closed without response.

    “Disappointed” with devs lack of interest or concern for the state of kaw doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel regarding how devs are letting so many aspects of this game drift into ruin
  15. Indi was already dying fast long ago when devs made them only Classic KO 10 minutes only. Once Random KO was removed, everyone with programs locked in and completely ruined them.

  16. Lucky if 1 out 3 LL wars are actually wars.
    Thats being generous at that.

    Like Ops and so many others I’ve posted ideas for wars but all in vain. KaW is nothing more than repetitive boring events with no purpose.

    KaW is on a pathetic auto-pilot nowadays.
    About as exciting as getting a full collection of cheap toys from McDonalds.
  17. Zain is owner of freaky freaky aunty wars in un. Go look at united nations war history 85% of what they matched are ffa and I see guys who warring in serious clans getting their alts in ffa clans to keep them in top 100 or whatever rewards they chasing. The whole point trying to make is those who really want to war all of these serious clans cuties ne or un stop giving deals to ffa clans and putting alts for rewards basically and ud like to deal for 600 and to save ur xtal -.- some don't do Indi they only do ll and when get hyped to do ll they match ffa they aren't chasing items or anything they going to lose interest devs should seriously look into if there is no plunder from a clan they should get ss there should be a minimum of say 300-500 miln plunder as a clan or u all gonna get ss -.- I don't even know if devs look into world chat lol there will br people screaming pure ffa deals only. Blows my mind to see if devs have seen that and ignore it or have no idea about deals in ll wars.
  18. Devs won’t do anything. Bye bye petition.
  19. I’m discussed that some of you weren’t even graced with a ‘thanks for you input’ reply guess I should feel honoured 

    I gave up worrying about bad match ups years ago their matching system is what it is, many threads have been made with great suggestions to rectify things and people have offered to work with them to resolve the problems but it seems they don’t want to listen to the community.

    When they can’t even get the same number of people on each side or acknowledge that people were left outside of clan in error then it really does show that they can’t be bothered anymore to retain customers.

    Shame on you KaW shocking customer service.
  20. Doubt anything will happen lol. Making winners only get rewarded only happens in season wars such as season 6(cough cough season 7 where you at). Lack of war incentive killed most war clans as most were unable to fill or have merged with some other clans or members leaving to join others who are able to fill. In order to "fix" war will need to kill FFA. Make winners gain 1200 event items(instead of 600 come on this isn't 15k event items for max eq anymore. Some of us don't want to spend time or money on NK). Bring back war eq, increase xtal payout for top war events, increase seal payout, and make ee last only 10 days instead of 14. Make people renew more to force people to war(some of these tanks "made" for war rarely ever war. These tanks crying about making plunder equal don't even war. The only tanks who do war/did were Chee, Mino, Psg, and Valk), make mith useful again somehow, bring back adv and random ko back to indi, etc etc. could go on however there is no reason to as devs will never implement it. Just waiting on a reskinned hte/zta/NK or old man 10.0 to come out.