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  1. This is a simple thread for serious EE warriors who NEED a war slot for a TRIAL request from the devs.

    Pls NO TROLLS only state if u will WAR n how often.

    If possible i'd like to request the MODS to DELETE any off topic posters so as to keep thread clean n simple.
  2. If can add more sgt war options.
  3. I suppose I'll go elsewhere
  4. Can you explain this a lil better i am always interested in ee wars but could use more info thx
  5. Support CUZ op is awesome 
  6. Depends what kind of war in this trial slot. If iwar ill do it almost daily
  7. Support for more wars no matter what time. Honestly if there was better rewards we would get more warring, more warring better matches, better matches more wars.
  8. The rewards are pretty decent as they are currently they should remove mith from being buyable. This would make mith rarer than it is these days. If the devs won't do that bump the price a lot.

    Regarding timezones more isn't a bad thing as wars end up at inconvenient times for most people so having more freedom of times is a great step forward.

  9. "pls no trolls"

     yea that's gonna work for sure
  10. By adding more SGT war slots does it bring more participation?

    Dev have to bring in new ideas or rewards to encourage more players to join EE wars. Time for dev to review the war payouts instead of endless events.
  11. To answer u its worth a trial n revisit that TZ
  12. If mith is removed how can some ppl cast mith spells? 
    That does not fly bro
  13. Have sgt/aus war as indi. More sign ups cos harder for noobs to find "war" clan.

    Anyway. Support op
  14. :lol: