Petition for 1hr wars.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by YOUR_PRESIDENT_MR_TRUMP, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Keep the support coming guys. @ Cathy or anyone else complaining about 1hr wars, I'm not talking about doing away with 2hr wars. Just mix them in.
  2. Support, sometimes I can't spare 2 hours.
    (...for a mix of 1hr & 2hr wars)
  4. 
    NO SUPPORT
    2 hour wars are the best. 
  5. NO support! They already shortened it from 4. I end up not getting to war a lot because of it, but hell it's only fair to those who can stay dedicated to a 2-4 hour war. I personally miss the occasional 2 day Merc war. (And if they have that little in their lives anyway, let them have this small victory)
  6. 48 hours was too long
    So we for 24 hours
    24 was too long so we
    6 forfeit
    2 hour
    1 hour( proposed)
    ... Just uninstall KaW altogether

    WAR Huh!? Good god y'all what is it good for ??

    Absolutely everything

    Best rewards in KaW are due to war...

    Why limit this as well?

    We already have ebs for the light kawer.

  7. Typo curse follows me always 
  8. If you don't like the 1hr wars then don't do them. Simple. Problem solved.
  9. No ******* support!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Everyone should have to do the same amount of work to get the same reward. You're a liberal aren't you?
  11. Roflmao 
  12. 1 hour wars suck and are a waste of time.. If you cant handle two hour wars give up... wars have already gone from 48hr to 24hr and now 2 hours is too long...pathetic
  13. Should have a we system where it's last man standing... If you're knocked out, you're out for good. It would be quick, relentless, and would need serious strategy. Winners' team gets the win. Winner/s get a little extra, maybe 25%-30% mith
  14. Support. 1hr(one xtal)
  15. Only support mixing a couple in - 1hr wars are hardly worth doing - not much mith and you spend more time prepping than actually warring. Thats what the EBs are for - for those who can't or don't want to spare the time to war.

    I would like to also balance the 1hr wars with a couple of 4hr wars again per week - I miss them. Nice mith payouts and more relaxed warring.
  16. Support! I have a life and I haven't been able to war because of my *insert swear word here* schedule.
  17. I support 1 hr war