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  1. It does sound like a very good way forward. I just wouldn't transmute anything that isn't maxed, but to max everything would take thousands. A drop rate of a few hundred per event doesn't quite add up at the moment.

    Then again, a flood of charms entering the market reduces the value of that charm...?
  2. The rarer charms would still be rarer charms. If anything it would just make the price of acquiring them larger due to more people would be able to offer more for them Lollykins.
  3. While i think it's important to invest in the idea of upgrading equip to it's full potential prior to relic'ing, i think the central theme of this thread is that we need a gold sink for BC players. This would be a way to kill 2 problems with 1 solution. Make us use our always increasing pot of gold on other forms of static defence instead of allies. I like this form of gold drain where we can buy something other than allies with our gold, devs should impliment this an other avenues of static defence.

    Also, where's that new eb at devs? No, not the pay ones, toss us a bone once in a while, finish off the tier already.
  4. ...we need a gold sink for BC players. This would be a way to kill 2 problems with 1 solution.

    I'd also like to add this could also benefit a lot of EE warriors who currently have to bank in allies.
  5. Oh, I absolutely agree on both accounts. I have been just addressing posts as they come. Doing these fixes for Aqua / Inferno solves a ton of problems and really would work to every players benefit as well as the devs benefit.
  6. The aqua and inferno drops more when you have an EE lvl 5 war some and get some.
  7. If EE wars weren't also broken this would be more relevant. Plus not every player wants to have mini skirmish wars. Hence the benefits of Aqua and Inferno shouldn't be limited to a part of the game the majority of players now don't care about.
  8. Why not make aqua and inferno tradable
  9. I think this would be an attempt and excuse at a fix that really wouldn't be a fix. If anything it would just give pay to players a massive edge for the charm trade market by constantly sitting in premium EBs. I'd rather a solution that could benefit all players while not being a cost to an entire group of players.
  10. Bump, cause this is important.
  11. I think so too!