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    I dislike my freedom of speech being impaited aswell dude but think about it, we really do need some rules on the internet cause creeps be everywhere. Also the player base has heaps of americans and canadians who actually don't have the constitutional right of freedom of speech
  2. It only took 5 years but you got it ;)
  3. Why do we need that
  4. How hard is it not to understand and follow these rules anyways?Rules are rules!!!If you don't want to follow or if you can't follow rules for this game,please make sure you excuse yourself out of here and thank you for dropping by.BTW,ever heard of choices?No one is forcing anyone to stay or not to stay so stop all this nonsense about discrimination and yadi yadi yah ...why bring all of this negative thoughts here?That is so wrong and thoughts from this kind if minds needs a major cleanup...tsktsk....some major issues you really have got then huh?!PEACE!
  5. And here I was about to let my children play this game with mommy -_- smh
  6. Im just saying if I let my kiddos play and someone asked personal information like that to my child I'll be one upset mama bear.. But ik the rules of the game and only step in WC if bored/post ads
  7. A real upset mama bear will go to the police right away. A real mama bear wouldn't be happy to know that a sexual predator get away with a ban in a tap-tap game.
  8. Dont trust her....shes a doppelganger
  9. Lol.
  10. Really ik that, but I don't have to share My personal info with y'all and there is more to just calling the cops lots more paper work to fill out and emailing devs and so forth. But y'all act like this already happen which it has not. I'm glad I read forms to just tell my kiddos mommy's game is for adults so they couldn't play end of story. And I'm guessing since y'all like to pick on mother's and act like y'all crap don't stink I would look in the mirror if I was you
  11. I was famed wrongly people will be hacked
  12. You're not smart. Not even a little. Reported you.
  13. hmm. i wonder if he thought he was being sneaky by posting that in a buried thread? didn't know how the forums here work?

    this amuses me greatly. please continue.
  14. :lol: I agree
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