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  1. Hey i wanted to se if its posible to get my old acc back i had on my iphone but on my smart phone now name on that char is xtraz:)??
  2. Hey Hardbringer!
    You should email the developers at regarding your problem. Be sure to include your in game name, the game that you are playing(KaW) and the description of the matter. Hope this helps!
  3. i am new for this game so any people dont help me so plz help me and nomad arrows is what is this??
  4. I got perm silenced for revealing someone's age.. Will I get that strike bk? Lol
  5. This policy is for what information you choose to share about yourself, not about others.

    However, if you disagree with this silence please email support at
  6. Eventually probably, but remember it's still a violation to reveal another players name and age. Your own is fine.
  7. And yet roni got off scotch free when she blabbed my full name over forums :roll:
  8. Ooo what's your name sweet cheeks? :lol:
  9. His name is Wolfle
    Deal with it xD
  10. it's actually mister woifie thank you :p
  11. I can't edit or erase my bbcode mess up...^ why? o.o under 5 mins
  12. How about you noobs take it to a wall instead of derailing this thread? Thanks.
  13. What about my name because it includes both first and last already
  14. My first and last name are alredy stated does this cause a problem
  15. Bump for an obvious noob.
  16. Re: Personal Information Policy Changes

    That is correct.
  17. Guess my age :|
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