Persepolis standing against discrimination against homosexua

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  1. Domo for valiant knight 
  2. Domo is my hero!! If I was a "sphincter assassin" I would want him to assassinate my sphincter 
  3. All I see are over reaction. To my eyes homosexuality shouldn't exist. And I could care less. Are they human? Yes. Do they disgust me? Very much so. Most of what I see is people embracing foolist ideas. God created 1 MAN and 1 WOMAN. NOT 2 man or two woman. One of each and if we look at the basis of marriage for the last 2014 years its always been ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.
  4. Support to Persepolis.

    Perse dosent get a lot of credit for what there trying to do. If anyone has complaints please feel free to take it to my newsfeed.I'll be happy to try and help change your mind.

    Valiant Knight
  5. Support to the fudge packers !!! Don't they live in Wisconsin ?
  6. wait doesn't that go against the code of the valiant knight?? Attack ppl for their different views of rump raiders ???
  7. My respect and best wishes for everyone who is supporting me and offered a hand, It's all good fellows as usual I will fight this alone too. thanks a lot :)
  8. No support from me. I live in a country where free speech is still allowed, and jokes, even distasteful ones are also allowed. Man y'all need to lighten up. If y'all feel the need to jump on to a righteous cause, go look at CNN. Plenty of atrocities happen every day that you could be spending your time highlighting and defending.
  9. @jasmin.........there is no fight. Flamers make you guys look bad and I'm talking about the parade queers. Most are quiet about their gender challenges. Nobody said it was pc to run out of the closet in cheerleading costumes and do cart wheels. You have issues with your sexuality it's better to keep it to yourself. General populations don't really care, so play leap frog in the privacy of your own home. Wrong place to bring it here.
  10. You can be gay just don't get gay with me

  11. Wasn't it a year ago you guys OSW'ed TFK in defense of one of your members being a super racist? Sorry, found irony here.
  12. Were they making jokes in a public clan chat or in private on walls?
  13. Does it matter? Seriously. I do not know what was actually said, but it was considered bigoted and offensive by the OP, who obviously saw it, and decided to respond.

    What is sick is the attitudes of so many of the players who have posted since then.

    As I have said before, someday homophobics will be relegated to the same public disdain as racists and other ignorant speakers. I am looking forward to that day.
  14. I'm not with all that junk but what's said in private should not be a problem to others. They should mind their own business. But if said in public it is definitely wrong.
  15. If I'm arguing with some dude and he tells me to suck his dick. You better believe I'm calling him a faggot. There nothing any of you will ever be able to do about that.

    At the same time if someone is beating up or picking on some gay guy for no reason. I'll be right there to defend them. You want to have a civil rights march. Cool sign me up. Hit on me in a disrespectful manner. You get disrespect back. Welcome to equality.
  16. So I I'll leave it at that. I won't start giving facts about homosexuals raping straight men.
  17. Freedom of speech is exactly that. The freedom to express your opinions. This doesn't mean these opinions are above the courts of public opinion. If you say something you usually will be held accountable for saying something offensive / biased / bigoted / sexist / racist / offensive / etc.

    Either way go at it Perse. :)
  18. Call a wambulance
  19. Actually Chuck Bear that is a false law we hold above our heads. Freedom of soeech only applies if this doesn't not offend anyone, thing or place. There is no freedom of speech.
  20. Tell me where the **** it says that In the constitution?^