Permanent 3x Scrag Drops!

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  1. A Sacrifice of Flesh, the final chapter in the Scrag the Bloodless Epic Battle series arrives on February 25th!

    In preparation for this final Epic Battle, drop rates in all Scrag the Bloodless Epic Battle missions have been TRIPLED! Get your clan together and collect scrolls to enchant your relics before the drop rates return to normal at 12:00PM PST tomorrow (February 25th).

    Update 2/25 @ 12PM PST

    Some of you have mentioned that 24 hours just isn't long enough so we've decided to make this increased scroll drop rate PERMANENT!

    While you'll still need to work (and have a bit of luck on your side) to collect scrolls for your relics we hope makes things just a little bit easier on you.
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    so we now have a .ooooo3% chance of getting scrolls?!?!
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    Extend it a little c'mon :lol:
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    yeah. that's like 1 epic. :lol:

    wait. is it tomorrow or is it the 26th? :?
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    This new EB better pay as good as HTE. Or ill get a shark to bite yo asses off.
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    3 times... Nice... Nice... Nice
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    Is the last eb gonna complete a whole dragon eq set?
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    Let me save you some time and give you the tl;dr version of every comment that follows:

    1) 3 x 0 = 0
    2) Devs you suck
    3) Increase the drop rate x1000 for 100 years
    4) Some random comment not related to this thread
    5) kaw _ admin trying to be funny and civil in a barrage of insults
    6) It's Obama's fault
    7) It's Bush's fault
    8) Where's the shark eb?
    9) Support/no support
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    err, no thanks.
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    I dont get it all the issues going on and ata just dances around it with increase scroll drop rate are you kidding me.
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    We not make it perm? Seriously the joke has gone on long enough don't you think?

    3x scroll drops for life..

    Didn't you get the memo??
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    Yeah, last AFF we did dropped two scrolls, so how is six going to make a difference with 81 actives? ....Wordsmith is correct!
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    Damn straight.

    What exactly are you referring to when you say, "all the issues"?

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    3x nothing is still nothing. Maybe if you tripled plunder then everyone can help each other doing ebs faster and getting drops. Doesn't really help much since ebs take so long.
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    Will you need enchanted AFF EQUIP in order to hit new EB?
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