Perfect Drift - ATA's Newest Game

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. @iPhone users
    Since smash is going through testing on iOS, it makes sense that they'd take advantage of android to test this new app. Divide and conquer.
  2. Can be Z1 too... Then he's good to go for sure.
  3. What happened to smash guys? I had if, was awesome but deleted it because of school. Why was it taken off market?

    And btw, this app could be coming to ios very soon. Takes circa 2 weeks to be accepted into the store, and it's only been 13 days since beta testing in Canada android store was released.

    And lol at everyone trying to give a highly successful multimillion dollar company which over 50 employees business advice.
  4. Then again smash isn't testing world wide... Not that it matters xD
  5. Lol not on apple store... Wtf devs
  6. IPhone has more users than android. They don't need as large a testing area with iDevices as they do with android.
  7. On that page, you spelled "available" incorrectly. Just a heads up.
  8. I know, although they have just as many enthusiasts as Apple :p

    I'm just wondering when they're doing an official ww release so I can stop switching between countries :p
  9. In what universe 12.3% is larger than 83.7%?
  10. And what about smash ?
  11. Every iphone is the same. There r a million different droid phones out there not to mention most r trash or old classic flips
  12. SMASH was removed from the store while the developers of it made some very large changes to how the game works. It actually also launched today (though still in soft launch in Canada on iOS only) and is an entirely new game.

    Those in Canada on iOS can grab it here:
  13. the link isn't working for me
  14. Yay!! Android ftw
  15. Why are you guys launching new games after you just closed down fc and gaw? I thought you did not have enough people working in ATA to run those games?

    Also why are you making new games when you cant even run this game correctly? There are a lot of things that were promised at the beginning of the year we have not seen. There are also a lot of requested updates you guys have ignored.

    Please don't ignore this post. I know you are watching.
  16. Tried it. Can't make it through tutorial without crashing. Deleted it.
  17. No, they said they aren't making enough income from the game to make it worth keeping up.

    As they have said many times before, KaW has a different development group that SMASH and now DRIFT. My guess is that they shifted their resources from FC and GaW into those games.
  18. I thought they closed those games due to player base.
    And this game is run by a set of developers, they have other developers working on other games. They don't use their whole company on one game.
  19. That's variety.
    You get the same rehashed garbage when you purchase an iPhone.
    These trash flip phones would have ran froyo... Look how much it counts for in this graph.
  20. I'm pretty sure the argument that there are more Idevice Kaw players than android players since its been out longer, not how many phones can.
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